Deans and Chairs AEE Report & Feedback

Dear Colleagues, 
I am pleased to share the draft Academic Efficiency and Effectiveness report. You can sign in by following the link below to read the committee's findings and categorization of programs. You will also be able to access the data collected and considered by the committee in PowerBI.  
We welcome your feedback on the report, which should be submitted by midnight on January 7, 2024.
Access the draft report and give your feedback. 
All faculty and staff will be able to provide feedback on the draft report from January 8 to 14. 
Your non-confidential feedback will be considered by the Executive Committee before it provides its final recommendations to President Edwards.  
Wright State’s priority is to prepare students for success in an ever-changing world. Academic Efficiency and Effectiveness can improve student outcomes by focusing resources on programs with high graduation rates, strong job placement records, and positive student satisfaction. 
Our review process focused on identifying Wright State’s academic programs that successfully support our university’s mission and vision, effectively manage scarce resources, respond to needs in the community, and keep the university competitive. 
PLEASE NOTE: Every program on the Excel spreadsheet recommended for closure will be reviewed further by the executive committee. On page five of the Review Committee’s report it clearly states, “Program Closure: forwarded to the Executive Committee for further review.” 
Thank you for your vital participation in this important process! 
Amy Thompson, Ph.D. 
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs