Career Path (Math) - MTH2001 Orientation Seminar

Monday, November 28, 2022, 4:40 pm to 5:35 pm
Current Students

MTH 2001 Orientation Seminar

SPEAKER:    Dr. K.T. Arasu
TITLE:    Career Path (Math) 
DATE:    November 28, 2022
ROOM/TIME:    RIKE HALL 060  - 4:40pm-5:35pm 


A brief overview of career opportunities for a mathematics graduate will be presented. Closing remarks would highlight some of the focus areas Riverside Research scientists work in. 


K. T. Arasu is a senior research scientist at Riverside Research. He received his Master’s degree in 1977 at Panjab University, India and Ph.D. in 1983 from the Ohio State University. He was at Wright State University for 35 years. He also spent 2 years in Germany as a Humboldt fellow. He has published over 110 research articles and is on the editorial board of the international journals: Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics,  Designs, Codes and Cryptography,  Journal of Algebra , Theory and its Applications, Combinatorics, Discrete Structures on Mathematics and Bulletin of Kerala Mathematical Association. He has edited special issues of the journals: Discrete Mathematics, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference and the Journal of Combinatorics, Information and System Sciences. He has also edited three books containing research articles on combinatorial designs and coding theory. Arasu’s research has been funded by the National Security Agency, National Science Foundation and Air Force Office of Scientific Research. His research interests lie in the general area of applied algebra, computational methods in signal designing and signal processing and cryptography and coding theory. 
His honors include the Teaching Excellence Award from the College of Science and Mathematics, the Presidential Research Excellence Award from WSU, and the Trustee’s Award for Faculty Excellence. Fall 2013 Arasu was appointed as University Professor, a special rank awarded by the Board of Trustees for full professors who have made outstanding contributions beyond the confines of their own discipline. In June 2015, K. T. Arasu, Ph.D., was named the Director of the Interdisciplinary Applied Science and Mathematics (IASM) Ph.D. Program at WSU.  

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