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Online Education

Online Courses

Online courses and degree programs at Wright State offer many options for you, and the flexibility of online learning allows you to fit those classes into your life and schedule. Enjoy learning at a style and pace that works for you in an environment in which you feel comfortable. Consider a full degree program or specific courses that will enhance your skills, help advance your career, or give you the opportunity to change careers.

Viewing Class Schedules

You can view all online courses by visiting the Class Schedule. To search for online courses:

  • Choose the term for which you want to look up classes (for instance, Summer 2019)
  • If you wish to register, answer the Required Acknowledgement questions; if not, select the bottom link to simply view the classes
  • Choose the term for which you want to view classes (for instance, Summer 2019)
  • First choose the Subject, Campus, Part of Term, and Attribute Type. When you get to Attribute Type, select Fully Online/Set Meet Time or Fully Online/No Set Meet Time. If you want to select both, select one and shift-click or control-click on the other.
  • If you wish to narrow your search even more, choose other search options.
  • Select the Class Search button at the bottom. You should now see the classes that fit your search criteria.

Read more about how to read class listings.

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