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Residence Life and Housing

Theme and Interest Communities

Why Live in a Theme and Interest Community?

You can choose to live in one of our theme and interest floors where you'll be connected with other Raiders who have similar interests and majors. A resident assistant of a similar major is assigned to these floors will provide resources, activities, and services that will help you become more engaged with your college/interest.

Community Options


business icon

Connect with other business students and learn about international business, economics, entrepreneurship, investing, retirement, and more with the Raj Soin College of Business.

Who's eligible? Students interested in majoring in business

Location: The Woods

Community Engagement

Community engagement icon
Connect with other students interested in community engagement and service. Join service experiences and immersion programs to foster a greater understanding of your values, community issues, and the principles of active citizenship.

Who's eligible? Students with an interest in volunteer work and a commitment to community service, civic engagement, leadership, and social justice

Location: The Woods


Education icon

Connect with other education majors and participate in educational activities like volunteering at local schools, book/school supply drives, bulletin board contests, and more with the College of Health, Education, and Human Services.

Who's eligible? Students interested in majoring in education.

Location: The Woods


Icon representing engineering

Connect with other engineering students, and participate in special review sessions, study groups, competitions, gaming, and more with College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Who's eligible? Any engineering discipline

Location: Honors Community and Hamilton Hall

Room types: Double room in the Honors Community and several room types in Hamilton Hall

Exploratory and Undecided

undecided icon

Uncertain where your career path is leading? This floor will help you identify your interests, narrow your career options, and get real-world career preparation in co-ops and internships.

Who's eligible? Exploratory and undecided students

Location: The Woods

Fine Arts

Liberal arts brush icon

Connect with other students in fine arts majors. Participate in activities like trips to local museums, musical performances, volunteer opportunities, cultural events, and more with College of Liberal Arts.

Who's eligible? Students studying art, languages, music, social work, communication, and sociology.

Location: The Woods

Room type: A variety of room types

Health Professions

Heart heath icon

Connect with other students in health and health-related majors while participating in health-related clubs and organizations, blood drives, fundraisers, study sessions, and volunteering.

Who's eligible? Students in health and health-related majors

Location: Honors Community

Room type: Double room


STEM icon

Connect with students interested in STEM fields and participate in events designed to help you learn about STEM career fields.

Who's eligible? Recommended for students interested in majoring in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine

Location: Hamilton Hall

Room types: A variety of room types

Theatre and Motion Pictures

Theater arts icons

Collaborate on projects and classwork while living in close proximity to other students studying acting, playwriting, theatre education, stage management, motion pictures, and production.

Who's eligible? Theatre and motion pictures majors

Location: Honors Community

Room type: Double room

How to Apply?

When you sign up to live on campus, you will be asked if you are interested in one of the theme or interest floors. Learn more about the application process for housing.