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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply for campus housing?

    Fill out the online housing application through WINGS Express

  • How do I get a tour of campus housing?

    Visit the Admissions Office in E148 Student Union or for general information about visiting campus, please visit the Admissions Visit website.

  • What are the room assignment procedures?

    Students are housed in available accommodations on a first-come, first-served basis. They are matched to roommates, communities, and living units by a computer software package designed especially for this process. Because this is a computerized process, it is very important that the data on the Preference Sheet be thoroughly completed. The data from this form will be analyzed to determine the best assignment "fit" based on your preferences, available space, and the date your Agreement was received. The following procedure will be used:

    1. Returning residents (students currently in campus housing) are given first preference to sign up for fall housing accommodations during a special winter sign-up period (room retention/selection).
    2. New residents (incoming freshmen, transfer, re-admits, continuing students not currently on campus, and those continuing students who fail to apply for a room during the special sign-up period) are assigned to the remaining spaces based on:
      • Date the completed Application/Agreement, Preference Sheet, and full prepayment are received through the Residence Life and Housing office.
      • Roommate preference. Requests must be mutual and received within a short time of each other. Roommate request takes priority over all preferences.
      • Special interest/programs (Living/Learning Center, Honors, etc.)

    NOTE: If you fail to complete all the information, staff will assume that you have no preferences and your assignment may reflect this.

  • How are roommates assigned?

    Residence Life and Housing will make every attempt to honor mutual requests for specific individuals when possible. However, since the information from the Preference Sheet is self-reported, we cannot guarantee that the assigned roommate will be compatible. Accuracy is extremely important. Incomplete or incorrect UID for yourself or your preferred roommate(s) can affect your roommate selection, resulting in students who mutually requested each other being assigned to different units or halls.

    No roommate assignments are made on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, major, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

  • When will I know my room assignment and who my roommate(s) will be?

    Notices of room assignments for fall semester are generally mailed in late July. New students moving into the halls for the spring semester will receive their assignments approximately three to four weeks before the beginning of that semester. This letter will also contain who their roommate(s) will be along with their address, and phone number and proper check-in procedure. This will be mailed to the address you list on your Application/Agreement. Changes to these assignments are not made prior to the start of the semester. New students entering into housing for spring semester will not learn who their roommate(s) are until they check into their rooms.

  • Can I move in early?

    Students coming into housing for fall semester will NOT be permitted to move-in early unless they are participants of approved goups such as Writig Workshop.

  • Why didn't I get my room choices?

    Assignments are made according to the date applications and full payments are received. If you didn't receive a hall of your choice, it may be because those halls were already filled with applications received before yours. Returning residents have an opportunity to select a room prior to new residents. Some halls have a higher rate of returning residents. Your name will automatically be placed on a waiting list for a preference not honored. The waiting list will remain active until move-in day. Approximately three weeks after move-in, students on a waiting list for an Honors Community or space will be contacted to update their interest in remaining on the list. The waiting list created for double rooms or community moves (such as Theme and Interest Floor to The Woods or vice versa) will be deleted at that time. Students should then work through their Resident Assistant to express their interest in moving to a different room/location.

  • Can I have a room of my own?

    Most singles are assigned to continuing residents through a room retention/room selection process held in the spring semester. Demand usually exceeds supply. Indication of a request for a single room on the Preference Sheet does not guarantee the request will be granted. The limited number of single rooms that become available are offered to students who have filled out a Singles Waiting List Form. New and incoming students may request a Single Room Authorization form after June 1.

  • What if my assignment is in expanded housing?

    Wright State University anticipates a need to operate under an "expanded occupancy" plan in our existing facilities. This plan, patterned after programs at other campuses, involves a planned overbooking of housing facilities allowing the staff to house as many students as possible. Students assigned to "expanded" spaces will be advised of this before their arrival to campus.

    Expanded occupancy living spaces could include, but are not limited to, converted lounges or other similar public area space. Students are housed in these accommodations only until traditional spaces become available, and they can be transferred. During previous years, as many as 100 students were accommodated in this manner. Students assigned to expanded occupancy units in the past have been reassigned to traditional spaces by the start of spring semester. Any student assigned to an expanded occupancy space will receive additional information when they receive their housing assignment.

    Students are not released from their agreement for requests based on their assignment to expanded bed space/living unit.

  • What is a Resident Assistant?

    resident assistant is a student who was selected from a larger group of applicants to serve the other students on a floor in the residence halls. For more information, view the RA Job Description.

  • What is a Community Director?

    The community director (CD) is a full-time, live-in, professional university staff person responsible for the daily operations of a co-ed residential community. The CD creates a comprehensive and responsive student-centered educational program.

  • Where do I vote if I am registered in this county and precinct?

    All residents of Campus Housing registered with Greene County are voters in Greene County Precinct 275—Precinct 275 is located at Highland Apartments, 1514 Bromley Rd., Fairborn, Ohio. Bromley Road is located off of Zink Road.

  • What is the Residential Activity Fee?

    The Residential Activity Fee funds all programs and activities sponsored by residential organizations and communities. The Residential Community Association (RCA) in collaboration with Residence Life and Housing established the fee to ensure that funds would be available to sponsor educational workshops, events, and activities for residents. Each year the RCA is asked to forward a recommendation regarding the activity fee for the upcoming year, as well as a suggested distribution of these monies. The University Board of Trustees makes the final approval of the amount.

  • Who decides where the Residential Activity Fee is spent?

    The activity fee is distributed among hall and community governments, staffs, National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), Residential Community Association (RCA), African American Residential Caucus (AARC), and Residence Life. If you are concerned with how your money is spent, become involved with your community government, the RCA, or one of the many other residential organizations! Learn more about the Residential Activity Fee.

  • How can I become part of the Residential Community Association (RCA)?

    For more information, check out the RCA Web site.

  • Why should I get involved on campus?

    For a list of reasons to get involved, check out Getting Involved in the Student Handbook.

  • How do I submit a maintenance request?

    How to submit a maintenance request

    Bed Bug Basics

    If you experience any pest problems or have any questions, please call:

    • Woods, Honors, College and University Park, Village (937) 775-4141
    • Hamilton, Forest Lane (937) 775-4239