Spring 2017 - Slate of Candidates

Fully-affiliated college faculty will be able to vote for Faculty President, Faculty Vice President, and Faculty Senator(s) from their college.  College voters will be able to vote for as many candidates as there are open Senate seats in their college.  University-wide administrators with a fully-affiliated faculty rank will be able to vote for Faculty President & Faculty Vice President, but will not receive a college ballot.  All voting records are confidential.

All positions up for election have a two year term; AY2017-18 & AY2018-19.

Faculty Officer Candidates

Faculty President – elect one
Travis Doom (CECS) (Statement) (CV)

Faculty Vice President – elect one
Brian Boyd (CEHS) (CV)
Marty Emmert (CECS) (CV)
Dan Krane (COSM) (CV)
Dawn Wooley (COSM) (CV)

Faculty Senator Candidates

Faculty Senator (BSOM) – elect three
F. Javier Alvarez-Leefmans
David Cool
David Mirkin
Ramzi Nahhas
Marietta Orlowski
Nicholas Reo

Faculty Senator (CECS) – no open seats

Faculty Senator (CEHS) – elect one
Huma Bashir
Yoko Miura

Faculty Senator (COLA) – elect four
Pascale  Abadie
Susan Carrafiello
James Carter
Ava Chamberlain
Daryl Hausman
Caroline Hillard
Tracy Longley-Cook
Margorie McLellan
Barry Milligan
Sean Pollock
Julianne Weinzimmer
Sean Wilson

Faculty Senator (CONH) – elect one
Ann Bowling
Rosemary Eustace
Sherry Farra
Yi-Hui Lee

Faculty Senator (COSM) – elect three
Gary Burns
Weifu Fang
Dan Krane
Eric Rowley
Bridgett Severt

Faculty Senator (LAKE) – elect one
Megan Faragher
Dave Hochstein

Faculty Senator (RSCOB) – elect two
Berkwood Farmer
Burhan Kawosa
Larry Weinstein

Faculty Senator (SOPP) – elect one
Michelle Schultz