Special Election 2016-17: Faculty Vice President

Update:  Dr. Travis Doom was elected as the Faculty Vice President for AY2016-17.

Faculty Vice President Doug Petkie resigned from Wright State in order to pursue an opportunity at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Dr. Petkie had one year remaining on his term as Faculty Vice President, so the Faculty Senate Executive Committee has called for a special election to select a replacement for the 2016-17 academic year. *

Nominations, including self-nominations, were sought between July 29, 2016 and September 2, 2016.  Nominees wishing to run in the election were required to submit a vita for public consideration by 12 noon, September 2, 2016, to be included on the ballot.  Online ballot links will be distributed via WSU email by end-of-day September 2nd and voting will close at 5:00pm, September 9, 2016.  The new Faculty Vice President will be introduced at the Faculty Senate meeting on September 12, 2016.

The following faculty members were nominated and confirmed their willingness to serve if elected:

Position Information


(Faculty Constitution Article II Section 3.B.1)

a.  The Faculty Vice-President shall be a fully-affiliated faculty member of the University Faculty having been granted tenure by the Board of Trustees; or, if in an academic unit where tenure is not policy, otherwise shall have met successfully the probationary requirements; and

b.  Have met the initial probationary requirements for professor or associate professor in the appropriate academic unit, or have met the initial probationary requirements for assistant professor and have been promoted; or

c.  Have seven years of continuous service on the University Faculty; and

d.  Shall not also hold the office of Faculty President.


(Faculty Constitution Article II Section 2.B)

  1. Assume the duties of the Faculty President in his/her absence;
  2. Be a member of the Faculty Senate and the Senate Executive Committee;
  3. Co-chair the Undergraduate Academic Policies Committee;
  4. Serve as Marshal of the Graduate School during commencement exercises (in the event the Faculty Vice President is not available to serve, the Faculty President will designate a Senator holding Graduate Faculty status to serve as Marshal of the Graduate School during commencement exercises);
  5. Attend the meetings of the Board of Trustees Academic Affairs Committee and the Board of Trustees Student Affairs Committee as an ex-officio member and in appropriate capacities on other Board of Trustees’ committees; and shall serve on any other committee or council as directed by the Faculty Senate;
  6. Serve as an ex officio member of the Buildings and Grounds Committee of the Faculty Senate;
  7. Serve as a member and attend meetings of the Ohio Faculty Council and report to the Executive Committee.

Voter Eligibility & Ballot Information

Eligible voters must be employed at full-time employment (75%+FTE as reported by Human Resources) and must hold one of the following academic ranks: university professor, professor, associate professor, assistant professor, senior lecturer, lecturer, instructor or clinical assistant professor and clinical instructor in the College of Nursing and Health.

Administrators with a valid academic rank and employment status are eligible to vote in the election.

Electronic ballots will be distributed to eligible voters via Wright State email by end-of-day September 2, 2016.  Eligible faculty who do not receive a ballot should first check their Spam, Junk, and Clutter email folders and then contact facultyoffice@wright.edu.  To ensure proper ballot access, each voter will receive a randomly generated ballot link that can be used only once; do not forward or share your ballot link.  All voting records are confidential. 

*Note:  This special election has been called to fill a mid-term vacancy for the position of Faculty Vice President.  The winner of the election will serve as Faculty Vice President for the remainder of AY2016-17.  A regularly scheduled election will take place during Spring Semester 2017 to select both the Faculty President & Vice President to serve during the 2017-18 and 2018-19 academic years.