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Promoting with WWSU

WWSU is a non-profit organization that provides a valuable service to our community. We offer affordable sponsorships that are significantly less expensive than conventional advertising offered by commercial radio stations. Through your sponsorship of WWSU, you build an identity with the Wright State community. Donations made for your sponsorships support the hands-on training WWSU provides to Wright State University students.

Become a WWSU 106.9 FM Underwriter


Underwriting is a regularly aired radio spot. Your organization may choose to create your own underwriting that we will air according to the package you choose. Alternatively, WWSU can voice and produce your underwriting at no cost to you.

  • Underwriting Offerings: We offer several different packages that will promote your organization or event to choose from: Individual spots (priced per spot), Raider Package (3 days, 9 spots) Standard Package (1 week, 21 spots), Quarter Package (4 weeks, 84 spots), Elite package (8 weeks, 168 spots), Total Package (12 weeks, 252 spots), and the Wright Choice Package (16 weeks, 336 spots).

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Show Sponsorship

You may also choose to sponsor one of our personality's radio programs. A sponsorship is similar to underwriting in that you will have mentions on the air of your local business or organization. The only difference is that the mention occurs during a radio program by a live announcer, as opposed to random times of the day with an underwriting sponsorship.

  • Show Sponsorship Rates: The DJ or personality of the program you sponsor will make two mentions of your local business or organization on their show for a flat rate, starting at just $10 for on-air mentions. Want to get started? Use the form below to contact us.

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