Academic Advising

Advocacy – Collaboration – Expertise


We meet students where they are, recognizing their unique talents and challenges, empowering them to take advantage of Wright State University’s unique, innovative learning environment as they define, plan, and achieve their educational goals.


University Academic Advising directly supports Wright State University’s mission to empower all students and graduates to realize their fullest potential as innovative leaders and global citizens. We uphold the university’s value to foster student success.


We provide students with advising that enables their personal development and transformation, both inside the classroom and beyond.


We are:

Empowering Experts

UAA provides expert resources for WSU students. We transform the lives of the students in our care during their time at WSU. Students will know we care for them and their growth and well-being.

Creative Advisors

UAA encourages an environment where opportunities can be created to meet student and department needs. UAA recognizes the strengths of each individual inside and outside of the UAA system.

Collaborative Advocates

UAA invests in building relationships with students, co-workers, staff, and faculty across campus. We realize that collaboration is key to creating expertise and value for WSU.