[OFFICIAL-L] Curriculog updates

Dear Colleagues,

After a comprehensive review of our internal processes to meet President Edwards’ focus on the three Rs (Recruitment, Retention, and Relationships), we have listened to suggestions from faculty and staff and worked alongside the Division of Student Success to update the processing and review of required ODHE information in Curriculog. During the process, we consulted with the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and the chairs of the Senate Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum Committees.

These updates will ensure that the Provost’s Office has the information it needs to present new programs to the Board of Trustees and the state after programs are approved by the Senate. These changes will also increase the efficiency of the approvals process.

Curriculog is updated and ready for you to use. There have been no changes to the approvals required, but there are additional steps where required information must be put in. Below is a list of some changes that will go into effect in this new curricular cycle:

  1. Curriculog will no longer purge courses or programs that you input into the system at the end of each academic year. Once a program or course proposal is initiated in Curriculog, faculty will have two years to see it through to completion before it is cleared from Curriculog.
  2. Market Analysis and Fiscal Impact: These are required for state approval of new programs in accordance with the Ohio Department of Higher Education. Curriculog will now require this input before the new program proposal (including certificates and minors) leaves the department level of approval.
  3. Review of Student Learning Outcomes: To prevent course or program proposals from being sent back to the originator from college or university curriculum committees (and the attendant delay), Curriculog will now require that course or program learning outcomes receive feedback from Bruce Mackh, vice provost for assessment and chief accreditation officer, to ensure that SLOs meet HLC guidelines.


Amy Thompson, Ph.D.
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs