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Graduate Programs Policies and Procedures

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  1. Applicants submit a completed graduate admission application to the Graduate School via the online application portal. Applications for admission and all supporting credentials, including test scores if required, should be received at least four weeks before registration for the semester in which the applicant wishes to begin graduate study. Some programs require applications to be submitted substantially earlier; please consult with the individual program office for any program-specific deadlines.
  2. Applicants request that the registrars of all colleges or universities previously attended send one official transcript directly to the Graduate School. Official transcripts become the property of Wright State University and will not be returned to the applicant. If courses from one university/college appear on another university's/college's transcript, applicants are still required to submit an official transcript from the college where they initially completed the course work.
  3. A $40 (domestic applicants) or $70 (international applicants) non-refundable application fee is required. Applicants who are McNair Scholars should submit a Certification of Participation (available in the Graduate School) to have the application fee waived.
  4. If the graduate program to which an applicant is applying requires test scores and/or other supporting materials, applicants must submit appropriate test scores and/or documents such as letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, or statement of goals and objectives. Applicants must also meet any additional requirements stipulated by a particular program.
  5. The Graduate School reviews the completed admissions file and calculates an applicant's total undergraduate grade point average as well as a grade point average for any graduate work undertaken. The Graduate School then sends copies of the application and supporting documents to the appropriate program for an admission recommendation.
  6. The program reviews the applicants' academic credentials and sends an admission recommendation to the Graduate School.
  7. The Associate Director of Graduate Admissions reviews the recommendation and the applicant's academic credentials and determines whether the Graduate School admissions requirements have been met.
  8. The Graduate School notifies the applicant by letter regarding any decisions about their admission.
  9. An applicant who does not meet the Graduate School's or the academic program's minimum requirements for admission, or a student who has been dismissed from a program, may submit a petition for admission to the Graduate School per the procedure described in Policy 5080.


Applicants for non-degree status must submit a completed graduate application to the Graduate School via online application portal and request an official transcript from the institution where they received their undergraduate or graduate degree. The official transcript must reflect the award of the degree.

Applicants for licensure status must submit a completed graduate application via the online application portal and request one official transcript to be sent directly to the Graduate School from each college and university previously attended. This requirement also pertains to applicants who hold a master's degree or other higher degree.

Applicants for transient status must submit a completed Permission for Transient Status form in lieu of official transcripts.

All applicants must pay a non-refundable application fee. Non-degree, certificate, and transient applicants pay a $10 (domestic applicants) or $40 (international applicants) application fee; all other applicants pay a $40 (domestic applicants) or $70 (international applicants) fee.

In addition to the above, applicants may be required to meet specific college or program requirements in order to take graduate courses offered by those colleges or programs.

Upon receipt of the completed application and all supporting documents, the Associate Director of Graduate Admissions reviews the file and renders a decision on non-degree and transient applications. Licensure applications are sent to the college for admission decisions. 

The Graduate School notifies the applicants by letter of the admission decision.


Students who wish to change from one degree program to another must complete and submit an application for admission to the Graduate School via the online application portal. Any additional admission documents for the new program will be required. The Graduate School will forward the application and supporting documents to the program for an admission recommendation, which will then be reviewed by the Associate Director of Graduate Admissions. The Graduate School will notify students of the admission decision.

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Graduate Assistantships and Scholarships



Other Benefits

Graduate assistants and scholars may purchase regular student health insurance.

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Students must be admitted to the Graduate School to register for and earn graduate credit.


  • New students receive WINGS login credentials via their application portal.
  • Students should register during the period indicated in the academic calendar
  • Information regarding fees and payment may be found on the Bursar’s Web page.  
  • Students cannot register after the first week of the term without instructor permission.


Students can change their registration through WINGS Express or in person by dropping or adding courses at Enrollment Services (RaiderConnect). Please refer to the academic calendar for deadlines, and to the Bursar’s Web page for fees and refunds for dropping classes.


Before specific dates each term, students may withdraw from (“drop”) a course with a "W" substituting on their transcript for the course grade. Refer to the academic calendar for the deadlines to drop or withdraw from a class.

Students who stop attending a course and do not officially withdraw through WINGS Express or at Enrollment Services (RaiderConnect) will receive a grade of "F" or "X," at the instructor's discretion. The "X' grade remains on the students' permanent record and is computed in the grade point average as an "F." Not attending class or notifying an instructor does not constitute official withdrawal.

The University Registrar may approve petitions that involve university or administrative errors or require a retroactive administrative drop for verified non-attendance. Such petitions must meet all other standards set forth by the committee and the Faculty Senate. The University Registrar will notify the Graduate School of any such approvals.

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Graduate Credit and Grades




Graduate students may register for a maximum number of semester hours per term in accordance with Policy 3404. Audited courses are not included.

Students appointed as graduate assistants shall register in accordance with the requirements specified in Policy 5120.

In order for a student to deviate from the regular registration limits listed above, the student's official academic advisor must submit a written request to the dean of the Graduate School for an exception.

Graduate students with external full-time employment should typically register for no more than six credit hours per term. Students and faculty advisors should bear in mind the following in considering exceptions to this registration recommendation:

  • The student's employment and its effect on available time and energy
  • The student's previous academic record
  • The nature of the course(s) taken and its (their) relationship to the student's program

Students who have graduate scholarships are required to register in accordance with the scholarship’s registration requirements (usually a minimum of six hours).

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Academic Standards

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Graduate Advising




A graduate academic advisor is an individual (faculty or staff) affiliated with a graduate program and assigned to guide the student to succeed within the program. Graduate students should be assigned an advisor no later than the beginning of their first semester. This assignment should be communicated to the student at the earliest possible opportunity, along with the advisor’s contact information. The graduate program should record advisor assignment in the student’s banner record (or the appropriate university student information system of record).

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Requirements for Master's Degrees




A candidate for the master's degree may be required to demonstrate a reading knowledge of a foreign language. The student should consult with the individual department/ program to determine if this requirement pertains within the student’s degree program.

This requirement may be met either by examination or by college credit. The student should consult with the individual department/program for details.


Some programs require a comprehensive examination to test candidates' mastery of content. Such an exam may be written, oral, or both, at the option of the examining committee.

Arrangements for taking the examinations should be made with the candidates' advisors and the department at least three weeks before the examination date.


Applicants and students who wish to deviate from policies governing graduate students may submit a petition to the Graduate School requesting a waiver to a policy. Please be aware, however, that some policies are tied to accreditation standards and other external regulations and consequently may not be waived. Petition forms can be downloaded using the link below.

Petition guidelines:

  • Petitions requesting a waiver to an academic policy should include the recommendation of the student’s official program-level academic advisor.
  • Petitions relating to courses (e.g., withdrawals, registration corrections, etc.) must also include the course instructor’s recommendation.
  • Petitions requesting an extension to the seven-year limit for completing master’s degree requirements (Policy 5520) , the ten-year limit for completing doctoral degree requirements (Policy 5720.3), or the five-year limit for completing certificate requirements (Policy 5810.2) should include the anticipated graduation date (advisors should stipulate on the petition which courses that will be more than seven/ten/five years old will remain valid for the program requirements).
  • Petitions to waive university policy are in effect appeals of an otherwise official decision. The results of the petition process thus may not be further appealed.

Students submit their petitions to the Graduate School. All petitions shall provide a rationale with supporting documentation for a waiver of any policy or standard. Students who do not have active student status (per Policy 5220) or have not been admitted into a graduate status cannot petition an academic policy, unless the request involves a documented clerical or procedural error regarding an already awarded degree (see below).

The petition process

  1. Before forwarding the petitions to the appropriate academic programs for a recommendation from chairs/directors, the Graduate School will make a record of the petitions and review them for clarity and eligibility for consideration. Petitions that are illegibly written or otherwise unclear will be returned to the petitioners for correction and/or clarification, and petitions that request remedies inconsistent with accreditation standards or other external regulations will be rejected as ineligible for consideration.
  2. After reviewing the petitions and making their recommendations, the program chairs/advisors will forward the petitions to their college/school petitions committee (or equivalent) for review and recommendation.
  3. The petitions will then be returned to the Graduate School for the dean's review. If the Dean of the Graduate School concurs with the college/school recommendations, the Graduate School will notify the student and the decision will become final. Unresolved differences between the students, the college/school, and/or the Dean of the Graduate School shall be referred to the Graduate Student Affairs Committee for adjudication.
  4. The Graduate School will send written notification of the final decision rendered on the petition to the student within ten days of the decision.
  5. The Graduate School will advise the Office of the Registrar of any actions taken as the result of an approved academic petition, and the Office of the Registrar will record such actions on the student's academic record.

When petitions request a waiver to a program requirement that is not a policy or procedure under the Graduate School's authority, the Graduate School may request that academic programs make a final decision and notify the students.

Students wishing to appeal a grade or request a grade change should follow the academic mediation procedure of the students' college or school.

After a degree has been awarded, the student's record is closed. The Graduate School and (as appropriate) the Graduate Student Affairs Committee (GSAC) will consider requests after a degree has been awarded only when they involve clerical or procedural error. Neither the Graduate School nor GSAC will consider retroactive drops or withdrawals after a degree has been awarded.

Administrative Adjustment: The University Registrar may approve petitions that involve university or administrative errors or require a retroactive administrative drop for verified non-attendance.

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Post-Master's Level Degree Programs


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Doctoral Requirements




Students in doctoral programs are expected to comply with the continuing registration policy.

Students in doctoral programs are not normally allowed to work simultaneously on another graduate program unless that program is an integral part of the doctoral program in which the student has matriculated or the student was admitted into an approved dual program.

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Procedure for Graduation

Application for Degree

The graduation application is available online only, and application deadlines are as indicated in the academic calendar. To submit the online graduation application and payment, students must follow these steps:

  • In WINGS Express, select the “Student and Financial Aid” tab.
  • Within that tab, select the “Registration and Records” link.
  • At the bottom of that page, select the “Apply for Graduation” link.

There is a $35 fee each time a graduation application is submitted.

Students applying for graduation from multiple programs must complete a graduation application for each degree.

The Graduate School submits the application for the degree to the graduate program/department, which then verifies whether the student will have completed all program requirements for the graduation term indicated on the application.

If students are unable to complete their degree requirements by the specified deadline, they must submit a new application through WINGS Express for a subsequent term. There is a $35 fee each time a graduation application is submitted.


Commencement is held twice annually at the end of fall and spring semesters. Students who complete their degree requirements in either Summer or Fall Semester may participate in the fall ceremony. Spring graduates may participate in the spring ceremony.

Eligible graduates must register to participate in the appropriate commencement ceremony by selecting the option to attend on the graduation application. Information about the commencement ceremony may be found on the Commencement website.


The following is a summary of the minimum requirements to earn a graduate degree or certificate at Wright State University (with parenthetical links to relevant polices):

  • Have a current and approved program of study on file in the Graduate School and/or a current degree audit in uAchieve (5470).
  • Complete the program requirements for a master's degree within seven calendar years, for a doctoral degree within ten years, and for a graduate certificate within five years (5520, 5720.3, 5810.2.).
  • Achieve a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 in all courses taken for graduate credit. No more than six semester hours of "C" may be applied to the degree requirements (5370.1).
  • Register for at least one graduate credit hour during the term in which a thesis/dissertation is defended (5270).
  • Complete a final comprehensive examination (if required in the program).
  • Present one copy of an approved thesis/dissertation (if required in the program) for approval of the dean of the Graduate School and for submission to OhioLINK (5515.1.9).
  • Complete at least 50 percent of the credit hours at Wright State (5380).

Some graduate programs have individual requirements and standards that must be met in addition to the general requirements set forth above, and may have higher standards than the minima described above. Students should consult their advisor/program to ensure that such requirements are met.

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