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Graduating with Undergraduate Honors

photo of graduates at commencement

Steps to Graduate

Students should consult with their Honors advisor the semester prior to graduation to ensure that all undergraduate Honors degree designation requirements are complete or in progress.


Apply for University Graduation

To graduate with a degree from Wright State University, you must apply for graduation. Find deadlines and detailed instructions for how to Apply for Graduation via WINGS Express.


Apply for Honors Program Graduation

To graduate with an Honors degree designation, you must also apply for Honors program graduation. Complete the Honors Graduation Application.


The deadline for the Honors Graduation Application is the same as the University Graduation Application deadline.


Submit Completed Requirements Form

If graduating as a University or Departmental Honors Scholar, complete and submit a Fulfillment of Undergraduate Departmental Honors Requirements Form (PDF).


Recognition Ceremony

Graduating Honors students will be invited to the Honors Graduation Recognition Ceremony.

Latin Honors

Visit the Prepare for Commencement webpage for information about Latin Honors, which are based on the achievement of high grades.