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Students First Fund 2019 Impact Story: Raider Camp

Raider camp is an optional three-day, on-campus, outdoor adventure, college-prep experience for incoming first-year students. The program assisted first-year students to get to know their future classmates and challenge them in ways to better prepare them for college life. This experience was full of leadership opportunities, led by Student Involvement and Leadership staff, presenters from across Wright State, as well as current student leaders. Raider Camp was designed to not only be fun, but also to be challenging, informative, and set first-year students up for continued success while at Wright State University. Raider Camp was hosted on August 20–August 22.

Throughout the retreat, students were able to be better engaged with the Wright State campus community by learning more about different involvement opportunities and campus resources they can take part in. Students also were able to reflect on their awareness and commitment to diversity and inclusion on campus, including their own values and beliefs. Raider Camp also helped to develop their critical thinking skills and goal setting, while working together as a team to reach a common purpose. The priority outcome of Raider Camp is for first-year students to remain engaged on campus, hopefully improving their retention to the next semester and though their college career and graduation.


“It seems as though at just the right moments of me being overwhelmed and homesick, I look up and see a familiar face from Raider Camp and not only does that make me feel more comfortable in this new chapter of my life, but having multiple new people around campus that I can call my friend distracts me from missing home and the hardships that I have been facing recently. Two of my classmates from back home have passed away within the last week…it has not been the easiest time for me recently. The relationships that I have formed in Raider Camp have been a big part in helping me cope with the loss that has been an overwhelming pressure on me lately. They have been so amazing in being a support system and I do not think they even know how influential they have been on me this past week. I truly do believe that my college experience would be going differently had I not chosen to be involved in Raider Camp. My transition to college was an amazing memory that I can always look back on with pride and happiness and I have Raider Camp, as well as everyone involved with Raider Camp, to thank for that.” -Randi Frazier, First-Year

“Learning my strengths as an individual helped me to establish who I am not only as a leader but as a friend. Being able to talk to someone who observed my leadership helped me to realize how my leadership style is effective. I wouldn’t tell a student their hopes and dreams would come true in this camp, but I would tell them the sky’s the limit when you know people who can fly!” -Joshua Johnson, First-Year

“I believe that the Strengths Finder helped impact my leadership skills because it showed me certain strengths that I can utilize to be a successful student and leader. Raider Camp allows you to get involved with leaders on campus which helps you learn more about different organizations and allows you to get a foot in the door.” -Sarah Haggerty, First-Year

“I truly don’t believe college would have been such an easy transition without my experience at Raider  Camp. I picked WSU not only because of the many great programs and student offerings, but to escape my past life. I sought for a fresh beginning and Raider Camps is now a part of that new start to the rest of my life. It gave me the confidence I need to go out and make new friends and get involved!” -Kaelynn Speed, First-Year

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