Testing Services

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College Credit Plus (CCP) students 

Testing Services provides placement tests in Math and English to help determine the proper beginning course for new Wright State University students who have not completed a college-level course in mathematics or English composition. 

The WSU Writing Placement Test can be completed without on-site supervision. The Math Placement Test must be completed in a supervised setting. The following options are available:

  • Dayton Campus Students: To register to take the math placement test at Wright State University's Dayton Campus, please click here.
  • Lake Campus Students: To register for a math placement test at Wright State University's Lake Campus in Celina, Ohio, please call (419) 586-0300 to make an appointment. 
  • Off-Site: It is also possible to take the math placement assessment in one of several cities across the state. Please note: Those selecting off-site testing are solely responsible for any proctoring fees or other charges that might be required by administrators at "off-site" locations

You must register for and complete a supervised Math Placement Test before you will have access to the Prep and Learning Modules that must be completed before supervised retests.

Credit by Exam (AP & CLEP)

Learn more about credit by exam from Undergraduate Admissions.

Modern Languages

Learn more about Proficiency and Placement Tests in Modern Languages.

Non-Wright State University Testing

If you need to take a test for another institution, ("remote" or) special proctoring may be available at the following community locations.  Please contact the individual sites for information regarding services, fees, resources and requirements.



I forgot my PIN and/or I don’t the difference between my password and my PIN. What should I do?

Please visit http://www.wright.edu/information-technology/services/wright-state-university-accounts to find out how to reset your PIN and/or how to change your password. If you continue to have trouble, you can call the CaTS Help Desk at (937) 775-4827 (Toll free: 1-888-775-4827).

I just submitted my writing placement test, and there is no grade for the test. Why can’t I find my score?

It takes up to two weeks to receive a score on the writing placement test.

I signed up for the math placement test, but I haven’t heard where to go for the test. What should I do?

Please check your Wright State email account. You may have messages waiting for you in that account. To learn more about your different WSU accounts, please visit http://www.wright.edu/information-technology/services/wright-state-university-accounts. To set up your email, visit http://www.wright.edu/information-technology/services/office-365-overview.

If you have checked your email and still haven’t heard where to take your math placement test, you may send email to Testing Services from your WSU email account (so we know who you are and that your email is set up). In your message, please share your question, include your full name, email, and telephone number with area code so that we can contact you at our earliest convenience.

I need my writing (or math) placement score because I have Orientation tomorrow. How can I test?

While we encourage you to have your placement testing completed before Orientation, if you have not had the opportunity to complete your on-site Math Placement test assessment or your online Writing Placement assessment, your next best option is to complete these important steps as soon as you can, even if this means that you attend Orientation without the expected preparation. This means that you must still attend your scheduled Orientation, but when you come, your academic advisor might not be able to place you into your ideal math or writing course. You will be able to register for other courses.

I am a College Credit Plus student who needs to know more information. What should I do?

Information about College Credit Plus can be found at the College Credit Plus website.

Students taking College Credit Plus at the Dayton Campus, ask registration and advising questions by emailing us at ccpadvising-uc@wright.edu

Students taking College Credit Plus at the Lake Campus in Celina, Ohio, should call (419) 586-0300 for more information.