Academic Support

The Academic Success Centers consist of several services to enhance your opportunities for continued and sustained academic success and ease your transition from high school to college. Our tutors are CRLA certified.

Math Learning Center

Helps you become a more confident, autonomous, and proficient learner in math by providing a supportive environment in which you and all math students can work and learn.

Location: 122 Student Success Center.

Supplemental Instruction

Helps you review course concepts, improve your study habits, and become better prepared for exams and course assignments.

Location: 122 Student Success Center.

Tutoring Services

Helps you achieve your individual academic goals in all disciplines and become an independent and successful learner. 

Location: 122 Student Success Center.

University Writing Center

Helps you become a more skilled, confident, independent writer, enhancing your educational experiences at Wright State and your professional experiences beyond college.

Location:122 Student Success Center.

Additional Wright State Academic Success Resources

Wright State provides a strong support network dedicated to helping you achieve academic success. Our goal is to help you become the best student you can be.