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Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a program to help students review course concepts, improve their study habits, and become better prepared for exams and course assignments. A trained SI student leader, working in consultation with the professor, conducts routine SI group study sessions outside of the class throughout the semester. Students enrolled in the class may attend as many of the free SI sessions as they desire in order to review course material and have concepts reinforced.

SI Courses


Spring 2014 SI Sessions
Course Instructor SI Leader Day Time Room
BIO 1070 Schieltz Evangeline Shank TUE 11:00-12:00 303 Oelman Hall
FRI 11:15-12:10 302 Oelman Hall
Wissman Tilia Gonzalez MON 1:25-2:20 103 Biological Sciences
WED 1:25-2:20 103 Biological Sciences
CHM 1020 Underwood Reese Klenke TUE 4:40-6:00
103 Biological Sciences
THUR 4:40-6:00 A230 Creative Arts
CHM 1210 Sanders Thuy-Dong Ha TUE 2:00-3:00 345 Oelman Hall
Sarah Izor MON 3:35-4:30 132 Oelman Hall
WED 10:10-11:05 210 Fawcett Hall
THUR 6:30-7:30 232 Oelman Hall
CHM 1220 Aga Cyril Takem Baiyee MON 1:25-2:20 345 Oelman Hall
WED 11:15-12:10 210 Fawcett Hall
FR 1020 ALL Laura Gray WED 9:05-10:00 108 Fawcett Hall
THUR 5:00-6:20 108 Fawcett Hall
Brandon Broadwater TUE 4:40-6:00 108 Fawcett Hall
FR 2020 ALL Kayla Schaub TUE 5:00-6:20 056 University Hall
WED 3:35-4:30 060 University Hall
GER 1020 ALL Seth Warncke TUE 12:30-1:50 108 Fawcett Hall
GER 2020 ALL Seth Warncke THUR 12:30-1:50 108 Fawcett Hall
WED 5:00-6:00 009 Millett Hall
HST 1200 Thoresen Mandy Durbin MON 2:30-3:25 009 Millett Hall
WED 10:10-11:05 345 Oelman Hall
Pollock Katelyn Zimerman WED 4:40-5:40 134 Health Sciences
THUR 2:15-3:15 060 University Hall

MTH 1280

ALL Natalie Sedlock MON 3:35-4:30 208 Russ
THUR 11:00-12:20 208 Russ
NUR 2100 Holland Brooke Knepper MON 3:35-4:30 060 University Hall
TUE 5:00-6:20 018 Rike Hall
NUR 3100 Cherrington Alyssa Scenters WED 2:30-3:25 060 University Hall
PHY 2400 Deibel Adam Steiner TUE 11:00-12:20 210 Fawcett Hall
THUR 11:00-12:20 210 Fawcett Hall
PHY 2410 Petkie Adam Steiner MON 2:30-3:25 345 Oelman Hall
WED 2:30-3:25 345 Oelman Hall
PLS 2000 Elkins Crystal Burns TUE 5:15-6:15 066 University Hall
SAT 1:00-2:00 244 Millett Hall
PSY 1010 Shively Katrice Willis TUE 3:35-4:30 345 Oelman
FRI 1:25-2:20 103 Biological Sciences
SPN 1020 ALL Andy Dodd MON 3:35-4:30 108 Fawcett Hall
WED 4:40-6:00 108 Fawcett Hall
SPN 2020 ALL Brendalyn Raymundo WED 12:20-1:15 108 Fawcett Hall
STT 1600 ALL Leah Gilmore MON 11:15-12:20 035 Medical Sciences
TUE 2:00-3:20 103 Biological Sciences
THUR 6:10-7:30 103 Biological Sciences

Download:  SI Leader Info

Become a SI Leader

Summary of Position

Lead SI sessions outside of class lectures; attend class lectures and take notes; promote SI among students enrolled in class; collaborate with faculty members to structure SI sessions; take session attendance; and complete SI reports.


SI Leaders must have demonstrated academic success; recommendation from faculty member; grade of "A" or "B" in course being considered. Cumulative GPA must not be less than 2.7; prefer no less than 3.0. Ability to communicate effectively.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Prepare for and hold a minimum of two SI sessions a week.
  2. Take accurate attendance at SI sessions.
  3. Attend all lectures of assigned course.
  4. Review Classroom Content-summarize notes, small group study, answer questions, and review for exams.
  5. Teach Study Strategies-test taking, studying, learning the material.

**Approx. 7-8 hours a week

How to Apply

Email student employment application and course(s) interested in being SI Leader to SI Program.