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Email: testing_services@wright.edu
Location: 101 Student Success Center
Phone: 937-775-5750
Fax: 937-775-5762

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Testing Services provides placement tests in math and English (writing) to help determine the proper beginning course for new Wright State University students who have not completed a college-level course in mathematics or English composition. Effective March 2, 2021 there are no longer fees for placement testing in Math or Writing.

Logging in to Register or Take a Placement Test

For both incoming and College Credit Plus (CCP) students, math and writing placement tests are facilitated remotely. You will need your campus username (w123abc) and password (sometimes referred to as your Wright State Credentials) to register for or take the placement tests. To obtain your username and password, follow the steps below:

If You Have Never Logged In to Your Campus Account

  1. Log in to the Admissions Portal using the email address and password you set up when applying to the University.
  2. Click the Access your Student Portal link.
  3. Follow the steps listed on that page to set up your campus ‘w’ account.

If You Have Previously Logged In to Your Campus Account, but Have Forgotten Your Login Information

  1. Log in to the Admissions Portal using the email address and password you set up when applying to the University.
  2. Click the Display your Wright State Account Info link to recover your campus ‘w’ username.

If you have questions about logging in with your campus ‘w’ account, contact the CaTS Help Desk at 937-775-4827.

Incoming and College Credit Plus (CCP) Student Testing

For both incoming and College Credit Plus (CCP) students, math and writing placement tests are facilitated remotely. You'll need your campus 'w' username and password, so make sure to read the section about titled Logging in to Register or Take a Placement Test.

Remote Math Placement Test Registration for All Students

  1. Learn more about the Math Placement Test.
  2. Register to take the math placement test remotely.

Remote Writing Placement Test Information for All Students

  1. Learn more about the Writing Placement Test.
  2. Take the writing placement test remotely.

More Information for CCP Students

Once you apply for the College Credit Plus program and receive your Wright State credentials, you can get started on placement tests. If you have taken the ACT or SAT and submitted your test score to Wright State, you are not required to take the placement tests. Your letter from admissions will tell you which placement test(s) you need to complete to be considered for admission. As a reminder, placement testing should be completed prior to July 1, 2020.

    National Testing 

    National Testing at Wright State includes the American College Test (ACT) and ACT Residual, Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Miller’s Analogy Test (MAT), HESI RN Exam for Nursing, Oral Proficiency Test (OPT), and the TOEFL English language test. Not all tests are available to be taken on campus. Please check each test’s section on the linked page. For confirmation of testing dates, registration deadlines, or fees, call Testing Services at 937-775-5770.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where can I find out more about my Wright State account credentials? I need to know my campus username and password (or my UID and PIN).

      Please visit Wright State University accounts to learn more about your campus and Office 365 accounts. If you continue to have trouble, you may call the CaTS Help Desk at 937-775-4827 (Toll-free: 1-888-775-4827).

    • Do I need to take Wright State's placement tests if I have placement results from another college?

      Yes. Since courses vary from institution to institution, you should take Wright State's placement test as soon as possible unless:

      • You have the appropriate transfer credit from another institution.
      • You meet ACT or SAT requirements for the highest English composition course and/or for the best entry-level math or science course for your intended major.

      If you have course credit for a college-level math or writing course, you must send your final grades or transcripts to the Office of Admissions and talk to an academic advisor before testing.

    • I just submitted my writing placement test, and there is no grade for the test. Why can’t I find my score?

      It takes up to two weeks to receive a score on the writing placement test.

    • I signed up for the math placement test, but I haven’t heard where to go for the test. What should I do?

      Please check your Wright State email account. You may have messages waiting for you in that account. Learn more about your different Wright State University accounts.

      Visit the Office 365 Overview page to learn how to set up your email.

      If you have checked your email and still haven’t heard where to take your math placement test, you may send email to Testing Services from your Wright State email account (so we know who you are and that your email is set up). In your message, please share your question, include your full name, email, and telephone number with area code so that we can contact you.

    • I need my writing (or math) placement score because I have orientation tomorrow. How can I test?

      While we encourage you to have your placement testing completed before orientation, if you have not had the opportunity to complete your on-site math placement test assessment or your online writing placement assessment, your next best option is to complete these important steps as soon as you can, even if this means that you attend orientation without the expected preparation. This means that you must still attend your scheduled orientation, but when you come, your academic advisor might not be able to place you into your ideal math or writing course. You will be able to register for other courses.

    • I am a College Credit Plus student who needs to know more information. What should I do?

      To learn about Wright State's College Credit Plus (CCP) program, please see the College Credit Plus Enrollment Process.

      If you have questions about CCP registration or academic advising at the Dayton Campus, you may email us at ccpadvising-uc@wright.edu.

      If you are taking CCP courses at the Lake Campus in Celina, Ohio, please call (419) 586-0300 to learn more.