Community Directors and Resident Assistants

Meet our 2017-18 Residence Life Staff

Each year, Wright State University's Residence Life and Housing employs full-time university staff and numerous students to meet the needs of all our campus residents. Representing each housing community, such as College Park apartments or the Woods, resides a full-time Community Director who works with each floor's/unit's Resident Assistant (RA). This team approach is designed to provide residents with the help, encouragement, and support they need to ensure the best of campus housing.

Associate Director for Residence Life: Jennifer Attenweiler

GA - Programs & Development:  Matthew Robinson

GA - Residence Life:  Wisnu "Wiz" Sugiarto

Hamilton Hall

Community Director: Mark Queen

STEM City Graduate Assistant: Cassie Wallwey

Hamilton Hall South

1st Floor: Justin Barbour
2nd Floor: Clara Shroyer
3rd Floor: Adam McVay
4th Floor: Kenzie Tyson

Hamilton Hall West

1st Floor:  Madeline Steimle
2nd Floor: Ryan Leonard
3rd Floor:  Jessica Henz
4th Floor:  Dylan Hadley

Honors Community

Community Director: Toshia Johnson

Honors East

1st Floor:  Gabe Orengo
2nd Floor: Sarah Gann
3rd Floor:  Bridgette Ohiembor

Honors North

3rd Floor:  Markayla Clayton
4th Floor:  Ryan Oates
5th Floor:  Robert "RJ" Douglass
6th Floor:  Sarah Pierce

Honors West

3rd Floor:  Cammi Borden
4th Floor:  Bethany Theiss
5th Floor:  Julia Barrett
6th Floor:  Brenna Childers

The Woods

Community Director for Boston, Cedar, and Hawthorn Halls: Lisa Eizenga

Boston Hall

1st Floor:  Makayla Hopple
2nd Floor: Layne Berner
3rd Floor:  Petey Sanchez

Cedar Hall

1st Floor:  Bret Miller
2nd Floor: Jacob Mueller
3rd Floor:  Shamiyah Hall
4th Floor:  Samantha Wood

Hawthorn Hall

1st Floor:  Alexis Den Broek
2nd Floor: Lane Buford                      
3rd Floor:  Ashlea Kennedy
4th Floor:  Delvonnae Johnson

Community Director for Hickory, Jacob, and Laurel Halls: Nick Foley


Hickory Hall

1st Floor:  Michaela Johnson
2nd Floor: Kayleigh Robinson 
3rd Floor:  Mickenzie Abrams
4th Floor:  Andrew McKillip

Jacob Hall

1st Floor:   Rebecca Noggle
2nd Floor:  Whitney Byrd
3rd Floor:   Jackson Bush

Laurel Hall

1st Floor:  Natalya Foster
2nd Floor: Matthew Henson
3rd Floor:  Robert Johnson 
4th Floor:  Kari Giovanelli

Community Director for Maple, Oak, and Pine Halls: Ciara Newsome


Maple Hall

1st Floor:  Nolan Lee
2nd Floor: Tyler Burnett
3rd Floor:  Giavonni Brown
4th Floor:  Kristen Gray

Oak Hall

1st Floor:  Jordan Jones
2nd Floor: Kayla Carroll
3rd Floor:  Mikala Burnam
4th Floor:  Maria Burks

Pine Hall

1st Floor:  Haylee Pence
2nd Floor: Jacob Reynolds
3rd Floor:  Andrea Hardin
4th Floor:  Shaun Wenrick

College Park Apartments

Community Director: Mariann Weiss

Yellowstone (2120):  TBA
Teton (2130):  Jacob Brinkerhoff
Redwood (2140):  Shelby Carper
Acadia (2150):     Acrista Fryer

Shenandoah (2160):  Gabriella Drake
Biscayne (2170):  Tyler Bender
Cascades (2184): Hannah Vanek
Olympic (2196):  Matthew Ommert

Forest Lane Apartments

Community Director: Mark Queen

Ass't Com Director: Cecilia Grugan

Aspen: Cecilia Grugan
Palms: Andrew Simpson
Sequoia:  Alyssa Wallwey
Sycamore: Caroline Brendsel

University Park Apartments

Community Director: Ryan Mitchell


(2060): Brendan O'Connor
(2070): Emiko Bowers
(2080): Quinn Hirt
(2090): Alexis Stevens

The Village Apartments

Community Director: Ryan Mitchell


(2030): Karen Mitchel
(2040): Yabome Kanu
(2050): Amanda Haley