Community Directors and Resident Assistants

Meet our 2018-19 Residence Life Staff

Each year, Wright State University's Residence Life and Housing employs full-time university staff and numerous students to meet the needs of all our campus residents. Representing each housing community, such as College Park apartments or the Woods, resides a full-time Community Director who works with each floor's/unit's Resident Assistant (RA). This team approach is designed to provide residents with the help, encouragement, and support they need to ensure the best of campus housing.

(* by an RAs name indicates that they are the Head RA for that Residence Hall or Apartment building.)

Associate Director for Residence Life: Jennifer Attenweiler

GA - Residence Life:  Wisnu "Wiz" Sugiarto

Hamilton Hall & Forest Lane

Community Director: Mark Queen

STEM City Graduate Assistant: Cody "Lee" Wintermute       

Hamilton Hall South

1st Floor:  Ryan Leonard
2nd Floor: Maddi Steimle
3rd Floor: Dylan Hadley
4th Floor: Closed

Hamilton Hall West

1st Floor:  Lauren Onianwa
2nd Floor: Adam McVay
3rd Floor:  Brenna Childers
4th Floor:  Chance McNelly

Forest Lane Apartments

Aspen: Kavya Shaj
Palms: Kenzie Tyson*
Sequoia: Ryann Pope
Sycamore: Alyssa Wallwey

Honors Community

Community Director: Toshia Johnson

Honors East

1st Floor: Closed
2nd Floor: Cammi Borden
3rd Floor:  Markayla Clayton*

Honors North

3rd Floor: Aubrey Weaver
4th Floor:  Riley Toppins
5th Floor:  Victoria Ceyler
6th Floor: Sara Stacklin

Honors West

3rd Floor:  Ryan Oates
4th Floor:  Closed
5th Floor:  Mack Warren
6th Floor:  Julia Barrett

The Woods

Community Director for Boston, Cedar, and Hawthorn Halls: Lisa Eizenga

Boston Hall

1st Floor:  Layne Berner
2nd Floor: Natalya Foster
3rd Floor:  Closed

Cedar Hall

1st Floor:  Jared Smith
2nd Floor: Zachary Carpenter
3rd Floor:  Kari Giovanelli*
4th Floor:  Isabelle Hardesty

Hawthorn Hall

1st Floor:  Kyra McReynolds
2nd Floor: Alexis Van Den Broek                     
3rd Floor:  Trent Fuller
4th Floor:  Alexis Voisard

Community Director for Hickory, Jacob, and Laurel Halls: Nick Foley


Hickory Hall

1st Floor:  Christina Gordon
2nd Floor: Rayanna Loyer
3rd Floor:  Justin Barbour
4th Floor:  Jessica Henz

Jacob Hall

1st Floor:   Ashlea Kennedy*
2nd Floor:  Benjamin Asebrook
3rd Floor:   Closed

Laurel Hall

1st Floor:  Lyndsey Ramsaw
2nd Floor: Clark Harrison
3rd Floor:  Matthew Henson
4th Floor:  Tyler Burnett

Community Director for Maple, Oak, and Pine Halls: Ciara Newsome


Maple Hall

1st Floor:  Kaniqua Goodgame
2nd Floor: Haylee Pence*
3rd Floor:  John Davis
4th Floor:  Aaron Brautigam

Oak Hall

1st Floor:  Petey Sanchez
2nd Floor: Alexis Stevens
3rd Floor:  Mikaela Coleman
4th Floor:  Maria Burks

Pine Hall

1st Floor: Samantha Miller
2nd Floor: Kayleigh Robinson
3rd Floor:  Isabella Albrecht
4th Floor:  Alyana Barrera

College Park Apartments

Community Director:

Yellowstone (2120):  Lauren Rom
Teton (2130):  Hannah Vanek
Redwood (2140):  Acrista Fryer*
Acadia (2150):  Jacob Brinkerhoff

Shenandoah (2160):  Gabriella Drake
Biscayne (2170):  Bret Miller
Cascades (2184): Nariyah McClain
Olympic (2196):  Mackenzie Brown

University Park Apartments

Community Director:


(2060): Shaun Wenrick*
(2070): Alana Demmons
(2080): Courtney Eilerman
(2090): Grant Sommer

The Village Apartments

Community Director: