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Moving In

A Parent & Student Guide to Helping Make the Residence Hall Room Liveable

Ask any parent who has lugged every item their college-bound child owns into a residence hall room and you hear the same responses: why did we bring so much stuff and how can it possibility fit into such a small space?

The "College Packing Season" is upon us and now is a good time for parents and students to make the first big college decisions about what and how much to take.

You can create a functional, yet pleasing, room! Usually freshmen take entirely too much because they feel they have to have everything they own. The trick is to stay organized from the beginning. Here are a few tips and items that can help you:

  • Stow stuff in plastic containers that go from the car directly for use in the room

  • Clear plastic makes for easy identification of contents

  • Shallow, yet elongated bins are ideal beneath beds

  • Stackable units with pullout drawers double as night tables

  • 25-foot Ethernet cords for network connectivity will reach most connections

  • Large pillows with arms are good for reading

  • Laundry baskets hold dirty clothes much better than the floor

  • Plastic shower caddies are good for keeping your toiletries private


Remember: Less is better. It is much easier to return home for missed items than to start your school year with anxiety and worry about taking too much, storing it, or returning it back home.

Good luck!

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