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Moving In

You have not been away from home much and now you are heading off to college. The following are some ideas, tricks, and tips and ways to cure yourself, just in case you are feeling homesick.

Call Home
Calling and talking to whom ever you miss the most will make you feel good inside. Hearing actual words and realizing that you are missed as well, does make you feel wanted and more confident about yourself while you have to be away from home.

Sending E-mails
This allows yourself to express your need to let someone know you care. It releases stress within you, alleviating some stress about being away from home.

Have your local newspaper delivered to your dorm room/mailbox at the college. You will be able to read about all the happenings in your hometown, and keep up on current events.

Go home once a month for the first five or six months—just over night or on the weekends. You will slowly notice that nothing much will change while you are away at school, and you may even notice that you feel more at home 'away' at Wright State as you make friends and new acquaintances.

Students that get homesick will generally feel better as time goes on, and as your schedule gets more hectic, you will wish for home as a stress relief!

Moving In

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