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Yay...Valentines Week...

Feb 12, 2018

As you all know, this is Valentines day week. Just a reminder to everyone, if you haven't gotten your significant other anything, at this point you are probably screwed. Here are some songs to distract them while you make your escape. 


Dillon Francis - Bootleg Fireworks (Burning Up)

For those of you familiar with Dillion Francis, you can expect a great song with a video that quickly turns into an acid trip.

If you like: Flux Pavilion, EDM with dub step elements


The Correspondents - Fear & Delight

Mr. Bruce and DJ Chucks are brilliant and in full form for this one. Mr. Bruce has so much energy...

If you like: Caravan Palace, Parov Stellar, blends of old style with new electronic elements


Tame Impala - The Less I Know The Better

We play this song every now and then, you should see how crazy the video is as well. Hopefully a butt does not offend anyone...

If you like: Alt-J, Foxygen, a sweet bass line


The Devil Makes Three - All Hail

This quickly became one of my favorite bands when I stumbled across them

If you like: The Dead South, Trampled by Turtles, just good simple live folk/bluegrass music


Cool Patrol - NSP


If you like: Parody songs, humor, gratuitous internet celebrity cameos


Awesome new band The

Love these guys. Go check em out on Spotify and listen for them on WWSU 106.9 FM.




And we're off...

Jan 23, 2018

We're getting nice and comfortable into the semester now. I'm starting to realize that the classes I'm taking are going to be nuts this semester. So, in the spirit of trying to get away from reality I present to you a sampling of videos that took reality, introduced itself, and then promptly turned into fire breathing squirrel that kidnapps children to work on a nut farm. 


Vitas - 7th Element


Wow Russia. Don't change...

If you like: Electronic with the backing vocals of a turkey.


Ramona Falls - I Say Fever


Such a great song set to...a love story?...a murder story?

If you like: Heavy beat with a hauting piano up front.


Flux Pavilion & Dillon Francis - I'm The One


Ah yes. This happens to me every time I have to cat sit for someone. Thats why I always have an ax.

If you like: Crazy electronic with dubstep beats.



Blockhead - The Music Scene


I'm sure there is a deep meaning to this video, but I'm too busy vomiting rainbows to figure it out.

If you like: Melencholy electronica.



Welcome Back!

Jan 12, 2018

I know everyone is super excited to start back to school in the new year! Hopefully the holiday season was enjoyable or at least bearable. I started a new tradition of watching the movie "Krampus" for Christmas. I can't wait until next year when my nieces are old enough to watch it! They'll be the most knowledgable children in their pre-school.

Rob Cantor - Shia LaBeouf Live


Only person scarier than Krampus....

If you like: Catching broadway style musicals, ballet, serial killers? 


Seth Augustus - To The Pouring Rain


Seth Augustus sounds like he has been drinking bourbon daily since birth and I love it.

If you like: Weird folky music, Tom Waits

Rammstein - Ich Tu Dir Weh


Does this German metal band really need to be introduced. Fun Fact: The lead singer actually had a cable and light pierced through his cheek just for this video...gross.

If you like: Eisbrecher, Psychostick, Rob Zombie

Tally Hall - Good Day

This video must have taken forever to make. This is probabyl one of the most cheery songs I've posted so far.

If you like: Indie Acoustics music, it's hard to explain Tally Hall

C.W. Stoneking -The Love Me Or Die

This guy sounds super old and I think he is only in his mid 40's. This is what I would call New Orleans folk.

If you like: Chris Black, Dave Van Ronk, R.L. Burnside


See you next week!


Merry Christmas Everyone

Dec 22, 2017

I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas break. Here's a few more videos for you to enjoy.


Psychostick in the style of Rammstein - Oh Tannenbaum

A little Psychostick to get you in the Christmas spirit

If you like: Rammstein, Psychostick, a little humor with your metal


Mint Royal - Blue Song

Fun fact, this video was written and directed by Edgar Wright. If this looks familiar to a certain recent movie of his ("Cough" Baby Driver "Cough")  that's because it was sort of the seed.

If you like: British electronic funk, celebrity cameos


Sir Sly - High

If you haven't noticed I like weird music videos.

If you like: Kind of reminds me of a more electronic Foster the People


DJ Shadow - Nobody Speak feat. Run The Jewels
WARNING: A LOT OF LANGUAGE. This is how I imagine issues will be solved in American politics in a few years

If you like: Old school rap back and forth battles


Have a Great Break!

Dec 15, 2017

Thank goodness this semester is finally over!!! I truly didn't think I would live through finals week. Hopefully, we all made it through okay.

For those of you who would like something new to listen to, I hope to update this blog every week with some of the new stuff that has crossed my path. So keep coming back for more! Maybe you'll find that next new great band.


Miike Snow - Genghis Khan

The video is awesome, think Cold War era James Bond thriller meets West Side Story. 

If you like: Portugal. The Man, Alt Indie with Electronic elements


The Dead South - In Hell I'll Be In Good Company

If you haven't heard of this band yet and you love folk or modern bluegrass music you need to look at these guy. 

If you like: Trampled by Turtles, The Devil Makes Three


The Tibbs - Lies

The Tibbs is a super under rated band that you've never heard of. Their music has so much soul.

If you like: Adele, Sharon Jones (Check out the new Sharon Jones Album too!)


Wild Child - Crazy Bird

This may be the most hipster music video I've ever seen. Love this song, love this band. If you like their music, they are coming out with new album "Expectations" February 9!!!

If you like: Of Monsters and Men, Blind Pilot. Low key Indie Folk 


clipping. - Work Work (feat. Cocc Pistol Cree)

Clipping doesn't get enough recognition. He is a master at blending rap with electronic/industrial music. Just a head's up, this song contains some colorful language.

If you like: Rap that is different from the norm.


Check back next week for more and have a wonderful break!

Michael O'Leary

Rock on the Range!!!

Dec 08, 2017

For those of you metal heads who haven't herd ROCK ON THE RANGE 2018 TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW!!!

May 18th, 19th, 20th at the MAPFRE Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. 

WWSU covered the Breakaway Festival earlier this year at the same location and hope to return to cover Rock on the Range!

Don't miss your chance to experience headliners Tool, Avenged Sevenfold, and Alice in Chains including many many more of your favorite bands to rock out to.

They have already sold out of several tiers of tickets so you better get them fast! Hope to see you there!



Wright State's Women's Basketball Team off to an impressive start in our first ever WWSU Sport's Update

Nov 17, 2017
WWSU Sports Update 11:17


The sports broadcasting team at WWSU is trying something completely new and different. This will be a vlog series that will capture the past week in Wright State sports. This week in our first ever WWSU vlog, Wright State's women's basketball team got off to an impressive 2-1 start, volleyball got a win at home and the men's basketball team is struggling out of the gate. Watch and share the video, follow on social media, and feel free to give us any suggestions on how we can improve the vlog series.


Blake Sutherland - Sports Director WWSU 106.9

Wright State Basketball Schedule Release

Aug 29, 2017

The out of conference schedule for Wright State’s men’s basketball team has been released with many exciting matchups coming up for the Raiders. Here’s the schedule listed below with highlights from last season. Keep up to date with the WWSU page for new updates on our future broadcasting schedule. 

NOV 3: Wright State vs. Wayne State (NE) (Exhibition)

NOV 10: Wright State @ Loyola

NOV 14: Wright State @ Miami (OH)

NOV 18: Wright State vs. Murray State

NOV 20: Wright State vs. Tiffin

NOV 24: Wright State vs. Gardner Webb

NOV 25: Wright State vs. Jacksonville

NOV 26: Wright State vs. Fairfield

DEC 2: Wright State @ Western Kentucky

DEC 5: Wright State vs. Ohio Valley

DEC 9: Wright State vs. Kent State

DEC 16: Wright State @ Toledo

DEC 19: Wright State @ Missouri State

DEC 22: Wright State @ Georgia Tech


School is getting ready to start...

Aug 14, 2017

School is getting ready to start in a few weeks but don't worry here are the newest tracks that we are rocking to help you ease your stress about starting school! Toro Y Moi  One of the defining artists of the “chillwave sound,” Toro yMoihas long expertly blended immersive synthesizer textures with ear-worm R&B hooks, and his forthcoming record, Boo Boo, proves to be no exception. Toro y Moi’s recent breakup informs the record with a sort of solitary melancholy, providing his funky, ethereal songs...

French Montana newest album jungle rules is the perfect album to end your summer and if you were to feeling good about yourself. The song "Bring Dem Things" is one of the best songs of the year in my opinion but you have to be the judge don't say I didn't warn you...

Arcade Fire is a very funky groove album the Canadian, seminal indie-rock band is back with their fifth studio album and it's some of their best work yet - every song is a jam!

Kickback and Chill Playlist

Aug 03, 2017

We have created a Kickback and Chill Playlist with our favorite tracks so you can end your summer right!

Wanna relax after a long day of class? Go ahead, check them out below.

Love this playlist? Send a song request on wwsu1069.org and hear it over the air!

  • Short Moscato - Whisper (Disappear) / Suicide Hotline Bling
    Short Moscato is a hip hop artist who has been described as golden age ethereal and psychedelic boom bap with new school overtones. His flow and sharp lyrics are definitely worth the listen to.  
  • Mansa - Uncomfortable
    Mansa, formerly under the name Moniker Manni Phantom describes “Uncomfortable” as a song about his experience of life in the fast lane and how out of place he feels in it all.  This song doesn’t receive nearly as much recognition as it deserves.
  • ZHU - Faded (ODESZA Remix)
    Steven Zhu is a Chinese American singer who focuses on electronic music.  “Faded” tells the story of being helpless and just wanting to go back to the person you call home.  
  • Haux - Seaside
    In Seaside Haux sings about taking a leap of faith to leave the past behind for a beautiful rebirth.  The haunting vocals and subtle instruments create the perfect relaxing vibe.
  • Y.V.E 48 - Nothing to Say
    Not only is this a perfect song to kick back to but the vocals softly express the feeling of being ignored and the roller-coaster of frustrations it brings.  
  • Billie Ellish - Ocean Eyes
    Once you hear this song definitely give a few of the remixes of “Ocean Eyes” a try, if you’re a fan of Blackbear listen to their recreation of melody.
  • Haux - Caves
    “Ethereal vocals and subdued guitars with lyrics reminiscent of folklore to create an atmosphere that feels almost like flying” -The Wild Honey Pie


Sports in 2016

Aug 03, 2017

Welcome to the Sports department at WWSU 106.9 FM! Here, you can listen to and read about Wright State games broadcasted by your fellow Raiders. In 2016, the Raiders made a huge impact in multiple sports, which WWSU covered on the radio waves. We covered Men’s soccer making it to the Horizon League Championship finals, Women’s basketball setting a record winning streak that led to an NIT tournament appearance, and Steven Davis participating in the NCAA Slam Dunk Contest. WWSU was there with microphones ready and a dedication to bringing you quality Raider sports coverage. As time goes on and schedules for the sports seasons are released, we will announce our sports broadcast line-up as well as other WWSU involvement with Raider Sports. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. And check back with us on the latest when the sports seasons begin.

Until then, GO RAIDERS.

Blake Sutherland – Sports Director WWSU 106.9