Web Editor User Guide

Basic Text Formatting

Drupal automatically formats your text with a font face that is in brand and at appropriate size. To help further format and structure your content, the following options are available through the content editor:


Headings are used to outline the topics discussed in the page and to distinguish page structure for search and assistive software. As a best practice, always start with heading level 2 (heading level 1 is reserved for the page title) and use headings in descending order for subtopics. Don't skip heading levels for presentation purposes and don't abuse heading just to get colored or bigger text.

Level 2 heading (h2)

Level 3 heading (h3)

Level 4 heading (h4)

Level 5 heading (h5)
Level 6 heading (h6)




Bold style can be used for emphasis within normal text. For example:

Founded in 1967, Wright State is committed to its reputation for innovation.

Don't simply use a line of bolded text as the title for a section of text; use the headings detailed above.


Italic style can be used for emphasis within normal text, or as a method of formatting titles, notes, footnotes, etc.

Wright State University was rated “Best in the Midwest” by the Princeton Review.


Underlining is not available in the editor. Underlining on the Web is typically used to indicate a hyperlink, so underlined text that is not a link tends to confuse users. Many style guides have replaced underlining with italics or other styling to accommodate this. Please consider whether bold or italics would suit your needs.


Strikethrough style should not be used for text that users expect the audience to read. It is distracting to use in large amounts, but can be an effective tool to show that text has been removed or replaced. For example:

Over 16,000 18,000 students are enrolled at Wright State University.

Block Quote

Use the block quote button (the quotation mark button in the editor toolbar) to draw attention to a quotation or excerpted passage. It will be presented with an indent and different font. The attribution for the quote or passage, if provided, should be formatted using the "Citation source" style from the Styles dropdown.

"United we fall; together we stand."

— Abraham Lincoln

Hero text

The hero text style (found under the Styles dropdown) applies to a paragraph of text and makes it more prominent. It is intended to be used for things like an opening sentence that you want to grab someone's attention. It probably shouldn't be used for more than a sentence or two at a time, and definitely isn't appropriate for long passages.

Wright State University is a public research university in Dayton, Ohio with nearly 18,000 students. Named for the Wright brothers, Wright State University offers an exceptional, affordable education.