Web Editor User Guide

Body Content Editor

A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) is an editor that allows you to edit content with what are likely familiar tools similar to those used in word processing applications. In our CMS the WYSIWYG is primarily used to edit content in the body sections of our pages, though you may see it other places.

Below is a list of all the button functions for the WYSIWYG. You can hover your mouse over any of these buttons at any time in the CMS to see its function name. These allow users to edit site content without having to access the code used in the programming process.


bold.png1. Bold  

Italic.png2. Italic

strike.png3. Strikethrough

list-bullet.png4. Bulleted list (unordered)

list-order.png5. Numbered list (ordered)

undent.png6. Indent text to the left

indent.png7. Indent text to the right

undo.png8. Backward one step (Undo)

redo.png9. Forward one step (Redo)

link.png10. Create hyperlink

break-line.png11. Break hyperlink

anchor.png12. Create Anchor

quote.png13. Block Quote

source.png14. Page Source (view html code)

hr-line.png15. Insert Horizontal line

cut.png16. Cut

copy.png17. Copy

paste.png18. Paste

paste-text.png19. Paste as plain text

paste-word.png20. Paste from Word document

show-block.png21. Show blocks

rm-format.png22. Remove format

ins-spe-char.png23. Insert special character

normal.png24. Paragraph format (presets)

styles.png25. Formatting styles (Presets)

table.png26. Create table

sel-all.png27. Select all

find.png28. Find

replace.png29. Replace

maximize.png30. Maximize

spell-check.png31. Check spelling

media.png32. Add Media (Photo, video, etc.)

node.png33. Embed a Node

short.png34. Insert Shortcode

teaser-body.png35. Separate the teaser from body