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Staff Council Meeting

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Academic Year: 
Wednesday, January 13, 2016, 2 pm
267 University Hall


Staff Council Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, January 13, 2016
                                                                                                        267 University Hall
                                                                                                              2:00 - 4:00 pm


In Attendance: Dr. Steven Berberich, Jeff Ulliman, Misty Cox, Jerry Hensley, Jamie Henne, Jonathan Jackson, Elizabeth Styers, Dawn Banker, Suzanne Semones, Cindy Riley, and Amanda Watkins
via phone: Linda Helentjaris, Amanda Pitcock

Guest attendee: Jeff Ulliman, Vice President of Business and Finance and CFO

Mr. Ulliman provided an FY16 “budget update.” The Division of Business and Finance department has become more streamlined by removing Human Resources and Physical Plant from the division. This allows focus to be placed on the finances of the university. WSU is experiencing a certain amount of financial stress and this stress is being addressed by realigning expenditures with revenues. Mr. Ulliman was invited to speak at the March 30th Spring Open Forum.

Questions raised by Staff Council for Mr. Ulliman:

  • Construction on hold - no
  • System warning versus “kick backing” DPOs. Only a warning flag at this point. This could be a system issue if enacted.
  • Total compensation committee findings could present an added challenge to the budget once findings are released.
  1. Old Business – Dr. Berberich
    1. Taxes for WSU employee graduate students - Dr. Berberich will contact Tina Heigel for clarification on the policy regarding when taxes are collected.
    2. Lighting at the roundabout – Can we find out the number of accidents reported since August? -Dr. Berberich following up to obtain statistics.
  2. Salt in the salt barn? – In the committees discussion on this topic it was determined that salt is present.  The cost savings for establishing this collabortions with other state agencies was mentioned.
  3. Winter break 2016 - Dr. Berberich beginning the process to engage those involved to determine how the university will address Winter breaks in the future.
  4. Strategic Hiring - Mr. Ulliman addressed this topic. Hiring is now centralized via redesigning the Human Resources form and meeting monthly to review hiring requests. Departments are asked to base budget for their one-time funded positions. The university needs to be deliberate and aggressive in replacing vacancies and to prioritize their positions in the workflow. It is too soon to tell the effectiveness of this policy. Dr. Berberich added that the committee is seeing reorganization opportunities as well as possible collaborations across units and colleges. In the future, the committee could meet twice a month.
  5. Spring Open Forum - Dr. Berberich has a prior commitment, but will either attend late or send a representative.
  1. New Business – Dr. Berberich
    1. Save 5% when using Wright1 card (Flex $) - This offer is for vending and off campus vendors only. Steve Adams is promoting this offer.
    2. Electronic travel - Chrome River is the option to replace paper travel forms.
  2. Staff Development Day – possibly move to its own committee outside of Staff Council? - TABLED
  3. Additional issues/topics/events – Staff Council only
  • Spring Open Forum – March 30th, Endeavor Room (156 Student Union) 2:30-4:30
  • Theater-style seating for 75, podium and table for panel of 4 in front of room
  • Skype with LSAC and record for staff to view afterward?
    • Video stream and use email to allow Lake Campus to submit questions.
  • Cost split between USAC and CSAC (labor, video)
    • Yes – 50/50
  • Coffee service?
    • No
  • Faculty/Staff Appreciation event update –

February 20th for two games: Women’s at 3:00 and men is at 7:00. Each staff member will receive four tickets. Email to come next week to sign-up.

  • OSCHE Summer Conference – housing
    Sinclair is hosting and is looking for WSU housing support.
  • USAC/CSAC financial accounts-New agenda item for Dr. Berberich.

Next Staff Council Meeting:

Wednesday, February 10th from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. – 267 University Hall