Staff Senate

Committees and Initiatives


Staff Senate Committees

To see the term end dates for each committee member, visit the Staff Senate Members page.

Governance and Membership Committee

  • Marsha Henderson
  • Jerry Hensley, Chair
  • Rene Jewett
  • Carly Porter
  • Amanda Spencer

Policy and Welfare Committee

  • Franchesca Alford
  • Seth Gordon, Chair
  • Sonia Hackathorne
  • Stefanie Kohne
  • Richard Perry

Communications and Marketing Committee

  • Branden Combs
  • Ben Lootens, Chair
  • Cassie McKinney
  • Jill Puthoff
  • Chris Sproles

CommUnity Coalition

  • Eric Corbitt
  • Ann Greer
  • Debra Radford, Chair
  • Tami Smith


University Committees

  • Athletic Council: Eric Corbitt
  • Bookstore: Debbie Lamp
  • Budget and Finance: Frank Wolz
  • Buildings & Grounds: Michael VanHorn
  • Dining Services: Jen McCamis
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Michelle VanHuss
  • Employee Hardship Fund: Mia Honaker, Debbie Lamp
  • Health Benefits Advisory: Connie Bajek, Carly Porter
  • Inclusive Excellence: Frank Wolz
  • Information Technology: Tom Webb
  • OSCHE: Mia Honaker, Connie Bajek