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Staff Council Meeting

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015, 2 pm
President's Suite 217, Nutter Center


Staff Council Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

President’s Suite #217/Nutter Center

2:00 - 4:00 pm

In Attendance


Dr. Steven Berberich, Misty Cox, Jerry Hensley, Jamie Henne, Aaron Skira, Jonathan Jackson, Elizabeth Styers, Dawn Banker , Linda Helentjaris, Amanda Pitcock, Suzanne Semones, and Amanda Watkins.

Agenda Items

  1. New & Old Business with Dr. Berberich
  1. Suggestion Box (OLD). Moat, Allyn Hall and Millett signage-We will need to provide information to Dr. Berberich who will then forward it to Ed Dalton.

Bylaws-Dr. Berberich will review and approve. Next step after approval is to post on the website.

  1. Suggestion box (NEW)-That Wright State begin matching up to 3-6% into our 403b pension funds. Since we don't get market salaries, and the health benefits are being watered down every year, it seems sensible to provide this benefit. Most other companies and the base provide this benefit. More than likely this is an issue for the Total Compensation Study. Dr. Berberich will also forward to Human Resources.
  2. OSCHE Summer Conference 2015-Dates are June 16-17. Sinclair is hosting and inquired about residence options. Dr. Berberich will inquire if there is interest from WSU to house the conference here.
  3.  Campus Climate Survey (Quad Gods)-MACE is working on educating the campus through their Active Bystander programming.
  4. Budget shortfall-Dr. Berberich spoke about the new hiring process relating to the six committee member monthly process review of new hires and hiring vacancies. There is no immediate impact on employees. The MDA model was discussed and the desire for more transparency.
  5. Building and Grounds committee-Dr. Berberich will follow up with Cindy Riley for more information to discuss CSAC involvement
  6. Faculty Fridays-There was an error in communication of the event.
  7. Marijuana Policy-No movement yet. Dr Berberich will follow up as necessary.


  1. 2016/17 Staff Council meetings-Effective July 2016, Staff Council will meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month 2:00-4:00 pm to accommodate Tom Fortener. Until that time, Suzanne Semones will attend in his place to represent CSAC.
  2. Office of Equity and Inclusion and HR-Matt Boaz, Kristie Rezanka, Shari Mickey-Boggs, Meltem Kokaly
  3. Hiring policies-The reengineering and collaboration on employment processes was discussed by the above attendees. The assessment of the current state as well as themes and five key recommendations were outlined.
  4. Domestic partnership-No information to provide at this time. If there is a change in the current policy, it will be communicated immediately.
  5. Staff Handbook-Please let Misty Cox or Dawn Banker know of any changes. Lake Campus will be included.
  6. Additional issues/topics/events
    1. Raidersgiving-Raidersgiving Committee has started meeting. The committee is discussing using the Nutter Center and working with Chartwells with food (submitted by Elizabeth Styles via email after meeting).
  7. Total Compensation Committee-The last meeting discussed the compensation philosophy. The committee has been asked by Sibson to be their voice on campus by answering questions and providing information. The conversation café’s feedback was reviewed: needs to be a more collaborative relationship with HR, career paths needs to be more defined, tuition and health benefits are good, but there concern that changes might upset the balance, compensation is an issue for recruitment and retention, and rewarding of high performance (not a facet of the Sibson study at this time). Comparison market information is still being reviewed.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. 267 University Hall