Flex Term Refund Calculator

Use this calculator to view deadlines for X-Flex/Flexible Term ("Flex Term") classes.

Important Notes

  • You may identify a Flex Term course by the course start and end dates on your class schedule
  • Flex Term course start and end dates (not meeting dates) will reflect a shortened schedule not falling within the Full, A, or B term start and end dates
  • This calculator will not calculate Full, A, or B Term dates; Full, A, and B Terms deadlines are available via the Academic Calendar
  • Flex Term courses may not be dropped online after the "last day to register or add without instructor permission" for Full term; visit or contact RaiderConnect for assistance


Enter the start and end dates for your Flex Term class and important deadlines will be returned above the date entry fields.


Format: 04/17/2024
Format: 04/17/2024