Other Cards

Departmental Wright1 Card

The Departmental Wright1 Card (DWC) is available to any department that applies for one with their Business Manager's approval. The DWC works as a debit card on campus, and carries a pre-determined dollar value set by the DWC application/change form. The monies on the card are not charged to the department unless they are used, charges are posted automatically on a nightly basis. The DWC can be restricted to print stations only, or it can be given full access, which includes Dining Services, vending, book store, etc. Where the card can be used is dictated by the DWC application/change form, again with the Business Manager's approval.

Note: For Funds beginning with "6", a signature is required from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, along with the grant start and end dates.  For funds beginning with "5", a signature is required from the Foundation Office.

Conference Cards

Departments have the option of purchasing generic conference cards with the department logo or some kind of conference theme printed as the card background. These conference cards can be used on campus the same as a Student or faculty/staff card. Artwork needs to be submitted to and approved by the Wright1 card administrator in advance.

Affiliate Cards

If someone is affiliated with your department/organization and needs to have a Wright1 Card issued for any reason, please fill out the Affiliate Card Authorization Form (PDF).  Have your affiliate bring the form to the Wright1 Card Center, 066 Student Union, when they are ready to have their card printed.  The cost of each card is $7.

Note:  If your affiliate will be issued a UID number, that must be completed before they have a Wright1 Card printed.  UID numbers for affiliates are generally issued through CaTS.