My Wright1 Card

Your Wright1 Card is a pre-paid debit card, library card, meal card, and an access card for recreation facilities, parking lots and certain labs on-campus. Scroll down to learn more about each feature.

On this page:

University ID

Wright1 Cards are issued to any new student, faculty or staff member at WSU. Wright1 Cards are also available for purchase by any affiliate, current Alumni Association Gold member, or contractor associated with WSU.


RaiderCash is accepted anywhere Wright1 Card is accepted. RaiderCash rolls over each semester and is never remitted to the University. RaiderCash will stay on your account until you spend it or leave the University and request a refund. Online deposits to RaiderCash are limited to $500 per month.

Library Card

Your Wright1 Card can be used to check out books or media from the Dunbar Library.  The length of borrowing time depends on your status and type of card.  For more information, visit

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are accepted at any dining outlet on campus and the amount purchased is deducted from your balance.  All Dining Dollars are a simple, declining balance.  Please visit the Dining Services website for more details.

Door Access

Your Wright1 Card gives you access to certain doors on campus, depending on your status and classes that you are taking.


Your Wright1 Card also gives you access to the Student Union Fitness Center and the Nutter Center fitness facilities. Students living on campus will also have access to the fitness center located in the Honors Dorm.  Access is granted to currently registered students, WSU faculty and staff, affiliates, and alumni who have purchased a membership with the Alumni Association