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IRB Meeting Dates

All IRB submissions should be routed and submitted through the online submission system, Cayuse Human Ethics. Login here:

Exempt and Expedited studies are processed on a rolling basis. There is no deadline for submission. 

to be placed on a Meeting Schedule:

  • Complete submission required. Incomplete protocol submissions will not be reviewed until all necessary materials have been received regardless of the date the initial submission was received. Please refer to our Submission checklist for more information.
  • Responses to requested changes must be submitted to the IRB by noon at least 10 business days before an IRB meeting to be considered for review at that meeting. Pre-review responses not received by that time will be scheduled for the next available meeting.
  • Submissions will be capped at a certain number of complete protocols; any protocols submitted after the agenda is full will be placed on the next agenda. The earliest complete applications will be added to the agenda first.
Agenda Deadline Meeting Date
07-22-2022 08-04-2022
08-01-2022 08-15-2022
08-19-2022 09-01-2022
09-02-2022 09-19-2022
09-23-2022 10-06-2022
10-03-2022 10-17-2022
10-21-2022 11-03-2022
11-07-2022 11-21-2022
12-02-2022 12-19-2022
01-09-2022 01-23-2023

IRB meetings are open to observers by special request only. The Board does occasionally invite researchers into the meeting if their study is being reviewed and board members have questions about the study. If you have submitted a study for full board review and wish to be available for possible invitation into the IRB meeting, contact: