Performance Evaluation Process Overview

The Wright State University performance evaluation process is a continuous responsibility of both our supervisors and employees. In our process, conversations occur throughout the year to provide feedback on accomplishments and challenges and are recorded formally on the Wright State University annual performance evaluation forms. These forms are designed to capture the essence of the conversations held and also provide a formalized opportunity for the employee and supervisor to establish performance and professional goals for the future.

The focused attention and commitment to ongoing dialogue by both supervisors and employees will:

  • Align every employee’s work with Wright State University’s strategic plan – “Empower”
  • Establish expected behaviors to meet strategic plan goals
  • Assess individual progress toward attaining University and departmental objectives
  • Recognize every employee’s contributions
  • Increase role clarity and enhance communication regarding future expectations

Providing employees with continuous, honest feedback and direction is vital to the engagement of our employees and is also essential to the growth and development of Wright State University. Supervisors should make sure their employees are familiar with the WSU Strategic Plan and understand how their role supports and contributes to the University’s Mission, Vision, Values and Goals.

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