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Masters Thesis Defense “Islands of Fitness Compact Genetic Algorithm for Rapid In-Flight Control Learning in a Flapping-Wing Micro Air Vehicle: A Search Space Reduction Approach” By Kayleigh Duncan

Wednesday, December 11, 2019, 10 am to Noon
304 Russ Engineering
Current Students

Committee:  Drs. John Gallagher, Advisor, Mateen Rizki, and Michael Raymer


On-going effective control of insect-scale Flapping-Wing Micro Air Vehicles could be significantly advantaged by active in-flight control adaptation. Previous work demonstrated that in simulated vehicles with wing membrane damage, in-flight recovery of effective vehicle attitude and vehicle position control precision via use of an in-flight adaptive learning oscillator was possible. Most recent approaches to this problem employ an island-of-fitness compact genetic algorithm (ICGA) for oscillator learning. The work presented provides the details of a domain specific search space reduction approach implemented with existing ICGA and its effect on the in-flight learning time. Further, it will be demonstrated that the
proposed search space reduction methodology is effective in producing an error correcting oscillator configuration rapidly, online, while the vehicle is in normal service.

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