ODS staff members work with admitted Wright State students to ensure equal access to university programs and services. Whether they are making the transition from high school, community college, or another university, students should be aware of the process to request accommodations and/or auxiliary aids on the basis of a disability or temporary health condition.

The application for accommodations from the Office of Disability Services is separate from the application for admission to the university. ODS does not participate in the university admission process.

  • Newly admitted WSU students should start this process once they have received notice of admission.
  • WSU students already enrolled should engage ODS as soon as they have identified a need.

Once accommodations are established, they are applied proactively, rather than retroactively, so planning ahead is very important. The steps below outline the process for requesting disability accommodations at WSU. (Please Note: It could take a few weeks to initiate this process, based on a number of factors, such as the availability of appropriate documentation, scheduling availability, and the nature of a student’s requests.)


Step 1: Complete the Online Student Application

To request disability accommodations, please submit your request for accommodations via our online application portal, AIM*:

The online application is intended to let the students will describe the impact of their disability/disabilities and request accommodations. 

If a student is unable to access the online registration form, he/she can contact ODS by phone at (937) 775-5680, via TTY at (937) 775-5844, or via email at to request a copy of the application in an alternate format.

Once you submit your online request for accommodations, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your applicationYour confirmation email will also contain a link and instructions to upload documentation of your disability to our online application portal. 


Step 2: Submit Documentation of Disability

After completing the new student application, students should submit documentation to ODS that establishes the nature of a disability. Students are encouraged to have their healthcare providers complete the ODS disability documentation form(s). ODS has specific documentation guidelines that provide an outline of the information necessary to establish that a student has a disability and/or temporary health condition:

Certification of Disability Forms


Students who are unsure whether their documentation is sufficient, or are not sure what services ODS can provide to them, are encouraged to connect with ODS during walk-in hours. This can be in person or over the phone. ODS can also schedule a consultation meeting with a ODS case manager. Current walk-in hours and contact information can be found at the ODS website.

ODS case managers can help to determine what documentation may be useful and can connect students with resources in the community. NOTE: If a disability is apparent and the need for a requested accommodation can easily be established, documentation may not be needed.


Step 3: Schedule a College Accommodation Plan (CAP) meeting

Once a student’s application has been reviewed (including complete documentation), an ODS case manager will follow up, for one of two reasons:
  • to address any needed documentation, if any information in an application is incomplete
  • to schedule a College Accommodation Planning (CAP) meeting, if the application is complete

CAP meetings can be conducted over the phone or Skype, when appropriate.

The student and the ODS case manager will engage in an interactive process to determine if the student is eligible for accommodations.

  • If ODS staff determines that the documentation submitted is not adequate to support the existence of a disability or a need for the requested adjustment/accommodation, ODS staff will notify the student in writing within 5 business days why the determination was made, and what additional documentation the student should submit to ODS to support their request.
  • If ODS staff determines that a student is eligible for an accommodation, ODS staff will work with the student to identify an appropriate accommodation.  ODS may consult appropriate faculty and other program personnel, as necessary, to determine all necessary and appropriate academic adjustments/accommodations based on the student’s individual disability-related needs and the nature of the program(s) in which the student is enrolled. 
  • If ODS approves a student’s requested accommodation(s), ODS will notify the student in writing, within 5 business days of the College Accommodation Plan meeting, of the student’s approved accommodation(s) and instruct the student to complete an online request for Faculty Notification Letters to notify instructors of the student’s necessary accommodation(s).  ODS will email Faculty Notification Letters to the student’s instructors within 2 business days after ODS approves the student for an accommodation(s).  ODS will also provide a copy of the Faculty Notification Letter to the student.  No individual has the authority to unilaterally limit or deny a student an adjustment/accommodation that has been approved by ODS staff.

If ODS denies a student’s requested accommodation(s), ODS will notify the student in writing, within 5 business days of the College Accommodation Plan meeting, of the reasons for the denial along with instructions outlining how the student may appeal the denial.  

*AIM stands for Accessible Information Management, is the online system that allows students to quickly and easily request ODS services and notify their faculty of their approved accommodations. Completing the new student application creates an AIM account for the students, which will be used to manage their ODS services.

Submitting Documentation

Documentation can be submitted at any time during the registration process, and can be accepted in the following formats: 

  • digital file upload to the online application portal
  • email
  • fax
  • in person
  • U.S. Mail

All documents submitted to ODS are placed in a confidential student file and will not be returned to the applicant, nor forwarded to any agency or other college or university. ODS does not share disability information with any other campus units without prior consent from the student. ODS suggests that students submit copies, keeping the original documents for personal records.