job-postings-and-policies.gifApply for an account in The Wright Search, in order to post jobs online for Wright State students and alumni, and to access other employer services.

Account application and job postings are subject to review and approval by Career Services.


Please call us at (937) 775.2556 or email

In The Wright Search

  • Post co-ops, internships, and career positions that require upper level knowledge in employer-specified degree fields.
    • Review student résumés and contact selected students directly.
    • Initiate and manage on-campus interviewing schedules.
    • Register for recruiting events.
  • Post local, off-campus, student employment general service and labor positions that do not require students to have special knowledge in a particular academic area.
  • Access other services such as event registration and On-Campus Interview schedule management.

Guidelines for Everyone

Employer and Contact Account Basic Guidelines

  1. When you submit an application for an account and post jobs in The Wright Search, you agree to comply with commitments to nondiscrimination and all National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Employment Professionals.
  2. An Employer account is created one time only, by the first contact.
    Subsequent contacts who apply for the account link their contact account to the existing Employer account.
  3. The request for access to The Wright Search must include an official business e-mail address that the contact uses to do business on behalf of the employer.

Job Posting Basic Guidelines

  1. The company or organization must be seeking candidates for an actual vacancy.
  2. Data entry for job postings is completed online, in The Wright Search, by the authorized employer contact.
  3. Once submitted, the information is reviewed by The Wright Search account coordinators, in Career Services. If approved by account coordinators, jobs then appear for viewing by job candidates.
  4. We link career, co-op, and internship positions to specific majors.
    Therefore, select the specific, eligible majors by name, from the expanded majors tree.
    Your posting will be delayed if you make selections at more general levels of the majors tree.
    When posting a part-time, off-campus, student employment, general service or labor position (JLD program) in The Wright Search:
    select the appropriate Position Type: SE-OffCampus-Regular; and
    select No Major from the Majors tree.
    Other instructions specific to JLD program jobs may be found under the tab "Posting Part-Time, General Labor Jobs?"
  5. Positions requiring unpaid training, financial investment by the candidate, and positions that are commission only, are not posted in The Wright Search.
  6. Our approvers review all Position Types and may re-categorize any job posting, according to position guidelines.
  7. Career Services reserves the right to reject applications or postings, or to deny or discontinue access to The Wright Search.
  8. The company or organization must adhere to all regulations of the federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974. Any reported breach of FERPA will result in the termination of services from Wright State University Career Services if identifiable candidate information is redisclosed in violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Wright State University is prohibited by federal law from permitting access for a period of not less than 5 years.

Quick Guide to Position Types that may be posted in The Wright Search

Position Type

Description (additional restrictions may apply)

Career Position (full-time)

A full-time position requiring a degree from specific academic major or majors.
When posting the position, select the specific majors from the expanded tree of choices.

Career Position (part-time)

A part-time position requiring a degree from a specific academic major or majors, or other specialized professional credentials.
When posting the position, select the specific majors from the expanded tree of choices.

Co-op/Intern Paid Position

A paid co-op or internship position for students with specific majors and skill sets.
When posting the position, select the specific majors from the expanded tree of choices.

SE (Student Employment) Positions

Part-time, general service and labor positions that do not require students to have special knowledge in a particular academic area.
These job opportunities are for students during and between periods of attendance.
Select the appropriate SE Position Type from the list of various on- and off-campus options.

Select NO MAJOR REQUIRED for the expanded tree of choices.

Intern Unpaid Position

An internship without compensation
Career Services recommends that paid positions attract more candidates.
When posting the position, select the specific majors from the expanded tree of choices.

Recruitment Firm Position

If you are a Recruiting Firm contracted to post a position for a client, select this Position Type.
Link positions to the Recruitment Firm as the Employer name.
Include the name of the hiring company in the job description.

Posting Part-Time, General Labor Jobs?

Our program serving employers with part-time, off-campus, student employment, general service or labor positions is called the JLD Program.

Program Overview

The Job Location and Development (JLD) Program is for employers who want to post part-time, general service and labor positions that do not require students to have special knowledge in a particular academic area. These job opportunities are for students during and between periods of attendance.

Jobs must be suitable to the scheduling and other needs of the employed student and, to the maximum extent practicable, complement and reinforce the educational program or vocational goal of the student. Jobs in private homes are not accepted in this program.

Beginning with the first year at Wright State and continuing through graduate school, all students are eligible for the JLD Program.

The Off-Campus Part Time Job Program through Career Services Student Employment at Wright State University is funded in part by the Job Location and Development (JLD) Program. The JLD Program is a component of a larger federal grant received by Wright State University to provide financial assistance to students through employment opportunities.

As a recipient of these federal funds, each year we are required to report how many students worked in positions posted through our service and how much they earned. When a job has been posted for one month, Career Services staff contacts the employer for statistical data. Employers should keep track of the number of Wright State students who apply, as well as the number of WSU students hired and their hourly wage. Failure to report hiring data will result in loss of job posting services.

JLD Job Posting Criteria

Career Services Student Employment has established the following criteria for JLD job postings:

  • All employers must provide complete company name, complete mailing address, phone number, Web site address, the full name and email address (reflecting your organization's corporate suffix) of the person we should contact should we have any questions.
  • For each position listed, the employer must provide, at minimum, the following information: job title, number of job openings, brief job description (skills and experience required, level of education, primary duties, etc.), hourly pay rate, schedule (hours per week and flexibility) and how to apply procedures (e.g. phone, email or mail résumé).
  • Employers must intend on issuing to the student appropriate documentation of the student's annual wages. (e.g. W-2, I-90, etc.)

Positions Not Posted in JLD Program

Career Services Student Employment does not post:

  • Volunteer positions. Non-profit organizations please call Career Services at (937) 775-2556 or email, for more information on posting volunteer job positions.
  • Full time positions that require a degree. Full-time positions that require a degree will be referred to Career Services' job posting database The Wright Search.
  • Full time positions that do not require a degree, other than full-time seasonal opportunities.
  • Positions that consist of payment for participation as a research subject.
  • Positions that require an initial investment by the student or are paid through commission only (positions that have a salary, which is supplemented by commission, are acceptable).
  • Positions performed in private homes.
  • Positions available through Recruitment Firms.

Info for Recruitment Firms

Wright State University Career Services may work with the following types of employers who have been identified by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) as third-party recruiters: agencies, organizations, or individuals recruiting candidates for temporary, part-time or full-time employment opportunities other than their own internal staffing needs.

This includes recruiting firms whose contract is limited to only posting jobs for the employing organization.

We do not accept jobs for posting that require candidates to pay a fee.

Jobs posted by recruitment firms must be posted with the recruitment firm’s name as the Employer Name.
For example, if Jane Smith at Recruitment Firm, Inc. is posting jobs for another company, Jane needs to enter Recruitment Firm, Inc.  in the Employer Name field and use her information for the Contact card.

When recruitment firms post a job in the Wright Search, they must include the name of the employing company in the job description