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Quick access to the list of on-campus and off-campus part-time Student Employment (SE) job postings.

SE Policies, Procedures & Answers

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Full Access includes co-op, internship, career positions, recruiting event registration, and part-time Student Employment job postings, plus On Campus Interviews.

Full Access requires regular action and updates on your part.

The Outcomes Survey
for Graduating Students & Recent Grads
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The Outcomes Survey: an online tool for gathering employment and graduate school admissions data from new graduates, based upon prevailing national demands and standards.

Wright State University asks all soon-to-graduate students and recent graduates to complete the survey and periodically update it in the year following graduation.

At each stage of the survey, students who respond have the chance to win a giveaway item as described in the survey communication.

Watch for details that come to the email address designated "Primary Email" in your Wright State University student record.

10 Steps to Login

Interest limited to part-time on-campus or off-campus Student Employment jobs?

  1. Use the Student Employment Job Postings button for quick access to the searchable list of Student Employment jobs.

Ready for co-op, internship, career positions, and registering for recruiting events?

  1. Your account is created when you register for credit-bearing classes at Wright State University
  2. Login, complete and submit your Profile. If you don't select Submit, you won't get access!
    By submitting your profile, you accept the terms of The Career Center Agreement that is presented on the Submit page.
  3. Not required to upload your resume until you are ready for co-op, internship, career job postings, and event registration.
    Until you upload a resume, your Applicant Type will be "Access Limited - no resume uploaded" -  you will be able to review Student Employment positions and event listings.
    Inside your account, review Basic Résumé Requirements inside the Resource Library.
  4. When you first upload your résumé through My Account > My Documents, it will be reviewed by a Career Center advisor.
    Résumés are typically reviewed within three business days.
  5. Document status appears on the My Documents page inside your account: "Resume Approved" or "Needs Revision."
    You'll also get feedback about revisions via your account email.
    It may take several rounds of revisions.
  6. When your resume is approved, revisit your Profile to select all Applicant Type(s) that match your current job search.
    In your Jobs menu, you'll see only those position types that match your Applicant Type:
    • Seeking career
    • Seeking co-op/internship
    • Seeking part-time Student Employment
  7. Want your résumé to be available to employers?
    In your Profile, select Allow Employer Viewing = Yes. This field is reset to "No" on or near November 30, March 31, and July 31. You'll need to update your Allow Employer Viewing after each reset.
  8. Review and update your resume at least as often as you update Allow Employer Viewing.
  9. More things you can do inside your account:
    • Regularly check your referral activity (employers who have looked at your résumé).
    • Review job postings - there's something new almost every business day.
    • Create automated email alerts based on your favorite saved searches of job postings.
      Automated emails will notify you if new jobs are posted that meet your search criteria.
    • Review and sign up for On Campus Interviews - the employers come to campus!
    • Register for events that help your job search: career fairs, information sessions, information tables, networking events, and Career Center training.
  10. If you need to make changes to your Citizenship, contact the Registrar.

Students taking classes but not earning credit or those who are temporary student guests at the university may not have access to an account.

Questions? Call 937.775.2556, or email careercenter@wright.edu

Get Experience

Part-time Student Employment, on and off campus

  • Part-time, general service and labor positions that do not require a degree, and typically do not require specific major(s).
  • For current students during and between periods of attendance, accomodating their student schedule.
  • Job postings identified as "SE."

Student Employment (SE) Policies, Procedures, & Answers

Career-Building Experiences

Co-ops and Internships

  • Work experiences for upper level students, requiring some specialty skill and knowledge acquired through university education and experience in a particular field of study
  • You must meet university eligibility requirements to participate in co-ops and internships.
  • College and departmental standards may apply, in addition to Career Center standards for eligibility.

Co-op & Internship Policies, Procedures, & Answers

Career Positions

  • Full-time or part-time positions requiring an undergraduate or graduate degree and specific major or major(s), or specialized certificate or licensure.

Forgot UID or PIN? Can't log in?

Current students looking only for part-time Student Employment job postings, use that button for quick access that does not require a UID or PIN.

Logging in to the database for Full Access requires your UID and PIN.

Your UID is a 9-digit University ID number (UID) that is assigned by Wright State University.

  • If you attempt to log in using your UID and PIN, and then you receive a message telling you that the user name you entered is invalid, contact the Career Center at 937.775.2556.
  • If you do not know your UID or PIN, please call the CaTS Help Desk at 1.888.775.4827.

If you know your UID but have forgotten your PIN:

  1. Visit WINGS Express
  2. Enter your UID in the UID field;
  3. Select the Forgot Pin? button;
  4. Answer your security questions then select the Submit Answer button;
  5. Enter and re-enter a new PIN, then select the Reset PIN button.

If you cannot answer your security questions or are experiencing other problems, please call the CaTS Help Desk at (937) 775-4827 or 1-888-775-4827 for further assistance.