Event Planning Checklist

photo of tables set for a lunch in the student unionThe Event Services Office is responsible for all reservable space in the Student Union. Event Services also coordinates with various university service providers to ensure the smooth daily operation of the building. It is important that event planners at Wright State know when, who, how and why to contact the different offices on campus that provide various support services to the events held on the WSU campus. With an ever increasing demand for event space, the Event Services office has developed this Event Planning Checklist to be used by first time event planners and seasoned veterans of the event planning process. This checklist will help event planners check their work and offer them a fast and easy way to make sure the event being planned will be a success.

Student Organizations should register their event with the Office of Student Activities. A Student Event Registration Form (Social Event Form) needs to be completed so that the event appears on the Student Activities Event Calendar.

Events can differ greatly in their level of complexity or need for support; however, all event planners should attempt to answer the following quesstions:



What is the nature of the event?

  • What type of event do I want to produce (dance, fund-raiser, fair)?
  • What are my goals (participation, fun, revenue)?
  • What will I need in order to produce the event (coordination assistance, AV support, food, security)?
  • What policies/procedures pertain to the event (University Policy, Student Handbook, Student Union policies)?

Who will be involved in the event?

  • Who is our Certified Event Planner (for registered student organizations only)?
  • Who is/are the decisions-maker(s) for the event?
  • Who is our target participant for the event (WSU students, faculty, staff, exernal community?
  • Who do we need to contact regarding the event (Engage registration, Student Union, Nutter Center)?

When will the event take place?

  • Time of Day?
  • Day of the Week?
  • Term/Season?
  • What university deadlines should I be aware of?
  • When are my back up dates?
  • How may weather effect the event?

Where will the event take place?

  • Indoor or outdoor space?
  • Private or public space?
  • On or off campus?
  • What are my first and second choices for venues?

How much budget support will I need for the event:

  • How much do we need to budget?
  • How much do the services that we need cost?
  • How much of the budget can I raise through sponsorships?
  • How much will I charge attendees (is there a fee to attend, does this effect charges, what policies govern sales and cash handling)?

Things to Remember

When planning an event at Wright State University, it is important to remember that there are many other groups on campus that are also planning events. The Student Union reserves space on a First-Come-First-Serve basis. This means event planners need to reserve rooms/space for their events 6 to 12 months prior to the event date. Any events that are expected to have attendance numbers at or above 150 should be reserving space at least nine months prior in order to ensure that space will be available. Our coordinators will work with event planners in an effort to find suitable space for events and to help start them in the right direction. However, it is important to remember that the Student Union host, on average, 2,000 events per semester ranging from small three person meetings to huge events that draw crowds of up to 1,000 people. This means that sometimes there is no space available.

If you, as an event planner, would like to lessen your work load and/or have a professional event coordinator make the arrangements for your event - that service is offered. This is an additional option for event planners who want to have a single person to check with to make sure that the event is ready to go. One individual will reserve space, order food, order A/V, and collect RSVPs for events for a small fee. If you would like more information on the services provided, please contact 775-5512.

If you have questions or comments about this checklist please contact the Student Union Adminstrative Office (SUAO), 186 Student Union at 775-5512. The SUAO is here to serve your event planning needs and will work with every campus group to ensure successful events on the Wright State Campus.