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Math Placement Level Policy

Effective 2018

Math placement is determined by your math placement level. The courses you need will be determined based on your intended major. Ask your academic advisor which mathematics course choices are right for you. Find your advisor.

View resources describing the various math pathways.

To learn what your math placement level is, please use the information below.

MPL 50

  • ACT Math 27 or above
  • Old SAT Math 620 or above
  • New SAT Math 640 or above
  • COMPASS 07
  • ALEKS 76 or above

MPL 40

  • ACT Math 25-26
  • Old SAT Math 580-619
  • New SAT Math 600-639
  • COMPASS 05
  • ALEKS 61-75

MPL 30

  • ACT Math 22-24
  • Old SAT Math 520-579
  • New SAT Math 550-599
  • COMPASS 04
  • ALEKS 46-60

MPL 25*

  • Grade of “P” in DEV 0990
  • Grade of “P” in DEV 0970 with 5 modules

MPL 24*

Grade of “P” in DEV 0970 with 4 modules

MPL 23*

Grade of “P” in DEV 0970 with 3 modules

MPL 21

  • ACT Math 20-21
  • Old SAT Math 480-519
  • New SAT Math 510-549
  • COMPASS 03
  • ALEKS 38-45

MPL 20

  • ACT Math 17-19
  • Old SAT Math 420-479
  • New SAT Math 460-509
  • COMPASS 02
  • ALEKS 30-37

MPL 10

  • ACT Math 16 or below
  • Old SAT Math 419 or below
  • New SAT Math 459 or below
  • COMPASS 00, 01
  • ALEKS 29 or below (or no ALEKS score)

MPL 00

Expired ACT/SAT or ALEKS scores

*MPLs of 23, 24, & 25 are earned placements for eligible Wright State University students. These levels do not apply to DEV coursework from other institutions.

Placement Scores and Transfer Credits

  • Students who wish to challenge their current MPL should take Wright State’s ALEKS Math Placement Test.
  • Students should not test or retest once enrolled in statistics, math, or developmental math past final drop date or after earning course letter grade.
  • Transfer students who do not have transfer credit (within two years) for an equivalent Wright State math course may take the ALEKS Math Placement Test.  
  • Scores are valid for two years. Students may use the highest valid non-expired score.

To Take Wright State’s Proctored ALEKS Math Placement Test

  • The ALEKS Placement Assessment can be scheduled at the Dayton Campus or at the Lake Campus.
  • A non-refundable $25 math placement test fee will appear on an upcoming tuition statement or separate bill after initial ALEKS score posts to Wings Express Test Score screen. Students may retest three times within their six months of ALEKS Prep and Learning access at no added charge (if the test is at Wright State). To retest, update online registration, and finish ≥3 hours of P&L before each allowable retest. (There is a 48-hour wait period between tests.) 

Remediation-Free Standards

Students with non-expired ACT math scores ≥ 22 or SAT math section scores ≥ 550 cannot be placed in developmental math due to state remediation-free standards.

Printable Math Placement Level Policy (PDF)