Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Reports & Dashboards


Wright State employees only
Public access available

Institutional Research and Effectiveness provides public and restricted access to Wright State University data and analysis in support of institutional planning, decision-making, and reporting obligations. Restricted access reports will require a login using your Wright State Campus username and password. If you are unable to log in, please email the CaTS Help Desk or call 937-775-4827.

Academic Programs Reports

Academic Program Data

Interactive report provides headcount data for a given program by age, race/ethnicity, degree, and concentration. A supplemental drop-down option is available to search for the college/department fiscally responsible for a program.


Academic Program Offerings

Report lists undergraduate and graduate programs of study. These data can be filtered by term, college, department, CIP code, field (major/minor), degree level, and STEM designation.


Course Reports

Course Grade Distribution

Report provides detailed grade distribution and success rates by term, subject, course, schedule type, college, and campus.


Course Scheduling

Report provides detailed course and section information by term, including campus, schedule type, delivery mode, meet times, primary instructor, and enrollment. These can be filtered by core elements, location, curriculum college, and other variables.


Participation Roster and Midterm Grade Activity by Course

Report produces a spreadsheet of course level data on participation rosters and midterm grade activity for a selected term.


Enrollment Reports 

Headcount Enrollment Reports  

Instructional and General (I&G) Fees Reports 

Registered Credit Hours Reports 

Fall-to-Fall Cohort Retention

Dashboard tracks the combined campuses fall-to-fall retention of first-time and transfer student cohorts. Updated weekly, these data can be filtered by campus, status (FT/PT), and degree/certificate category. 

Institutional combined campus enrollments are reported to Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE). This will differ from IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) enrollment which requires reporting by campus.