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Graduate Assistantships

photo of a student working in a lab

Our graduate departments have a limited number of graduate assistantship positions available each year. Graduate assistants devote a minimum number of hours each week (from 20 to 28) to assistantship responsibilities while maintaining full-time graduate status, and receive a stipend as well as tuition. Most graduate assistants are appointed for the academic year beginning Fall Semester. Assistantships are typically available with teaching responsibilities, non-instructional support duties, or research assignments.

Available Assistantships

  • Graduate teaching assistants lead instruction in classes and have primary responsibility for one or more class sections (e.g., lecture, laboratory, or discussion sessions).
  • Graduate assistants are assigned non-instructional duties that support the instructional, research, or public service function of the university.
  • Graduate research assistants participate in research program activities or support a departmental research effort, work that can usually apply to your graduate degree as a research component.

Information for New Graduate Assistants

New graduate assistants should consult with their direct supervisors to clarify their duties, and work closely with the Graduate School to ensure their contracts are processed before they begin performing any of those duties. They should also carefully review WSU Policy 5120 to be sure they are familiar with all the terms and conditions governing graduate assistantships at Wright State. Questions may be addressed to the Graduate Assistantship Coordinator, Gwana Snell (