Organizational Effectiveness Lecture Series (OELS)

2014 Appreciative Inquiry

2014 Positive Organization Development
2014 Appreciative Inquiry

Even the most complex, seemingly insurmountable organization challenges can have positive outcomes. An expert panel discussed how to do it through positive organizational development and the practices that encourage successful organizational change. The event featured a discussion on trends in the field of organization development.

  • Principles for enhancing the positives in any situation to create change
  • Steps for how to use appreciative inquiry and similar methodologies
  • Knowledge about how to create spaces where meaningful conversations can take place
  • Insight about how to generate a vision of excellence that really connects with people.


Ilma Barros, Ph.D.

Ilma Barros, Ph.D., is an international OD specialist, who has used appreciative inquiry to bring 5,000 people together from varying career fields and organizations to explore health services, social responsibility, the environment, industrial development and education. Dr. Barros is a research fellow with the Fowler Center for Sustainable Enterprise at Case Western Reserve University and a member of the Presencing Institute.

Dr. David Bright

Dr. David Bright, an academic practitioner, has led many strategic planning and organization change initiatives and often serves as a consultant on these topics working with various types of industries. He’s a tenured associate professor at the Raj Soin College of Business at Wright State University.

Argerie Vasilakes

Argerie Vasilakes, a senior consultant, partners with business colleagues to align strategy and action. She brings a positive thrust to her work, focusing on what employees and leaders need to thrive. She designs collaborations to use the best in the organization’s culture to influence innovation. For two decades, she has facilitated productive teams and communities to create breakthrough results.