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Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

About the Center

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Welcome to the Center for Service-learning and Civic Engagement! 

What is service-learning and civic engagement?

Campus Impact studies show that service-learning has been one of the largest area of growth in partnerships between higher education and community organization in recent years.

Learn how to enroll in a service-learning course.

Service-learning is a process in which an academic course includes student participation in meaningful community work that reinforces concepts in the individual course.

Civic engagement is simply fulfilling your role as a citizen in your community and society through active participation with civic life.


The mission of the Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement is to prepare students for active participation in our democratic society, helping them to:

  • Develop knowledge and skills for effective citizenship;
  • Understand the resources and needs of their local, national, and/or international communities; and
  • Engage with those communicates to enact positive change.


The Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement will be a catalyst for developing partnerships that have a mutually transformative impact on students, faculty, staff and the communities they serve through service-learning.

Wright State University students enrolled in a service-learning course will engage in meaningful community service paired with instruction and reflection, to enhance the learning process through achieving academic learning objectives, meeting community needs, and promoting civic responsibility. 

i-csayer.jpg“Wright State’s Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement is a great collaboration with students, faculty and staff, working together to make sure that the University’s resources do not stay caged up on campus but are accessible to the community for addressing community needs.”

— Cathy Sayer, Founding Director of Service-Learning (2007-2014)



Marjorie McLellan 61 11-13.jpg

“Service-learning enhances and deepens student experiences in a wide variety of courses across disciplines—from the English Department to the Boonshoft School of Medicine--at Wright State University. Wright State University offers about 50 service-learning or community-based courses each year. Through these courses, students connect theory to practice while addressing human and environmental needs in the region. Service-learning assignments call for independent learning, collaboration, accountability, critical thinking and reflection. At the same time, service-learning is challenging, satisfying, and often fun. It may help you choose a career or to learn ways that you can contribute to your community in the future. Look for courses marked SRV or SRVI in Wings Express sign up for the Engaged Citizenship Certificate or the Youth and Community Engagement minor, and learn about the Service-Learning Internship or learning experiences in the community. Please contact us to learn about opportunities and about community partners.” 

— Marjorie McLellan, Interim Director of Service-Learning

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