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calcE Information

calcE is an extension package for Mathematica(TM) which customizes it for use in mathematics instruction, in particular the teaching of calculus. The name is a contraction of "Calculus Enhanced". But the utility of calcE goes well beyond this particular use. The primary feature of calcE is improved two- and three-dimensional graphics through the PlotE and Plot3DE commands, which are useful in nearly any application where graphics are needed.

The notebook calcEPromo.nb illustrates the basic features of calcE. In order to view this notebook you must either have Mathematica(TM) software or the free CDF Player which allows you to read Mathematica notebooks. When you have one of these, download calcEPromo to your desktop by right-clicking on that link, then open the notebook.

Although there is no complete documentation for the features of calcE, its features are illustrated throughout the series of notebooks in the Calculus Laboratory Project, which can be downloaded here.

Download calcE

Download calcE (version 10.0) from this page.

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