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T.S. Gunasekera, L.N. Csonka, and O. Paliy

Genome-wide transcriptional responses of Escherichia coli K12 to heat and osmotic stresses (2008) J. Bacteriology 190 (10), 3712-20.

Full text (pdf)

Figure 1 - high resolution

Figure 2 - high resolution

Supplementary material:

(unless othewise stated, all numbers represent log2-transformed fold change values between two conditions)

  • Complete dataset of 15 pair-wise comparisons (tab-delimited text):
  • Genes regulated by alternative sigma factors:
  • Comparison of stress vs shock response:

    • List of genes identified by Weber et al. as osmotic-shock responsive

    • List of genes identified by Richmond et al. as heat-shock responsive (numbers represent fold-change values)
  • Glycine betaine responsive gene lists:
  • Oxidative stress genes:

    • Gene list with heat, osmotic, and dual stress responses

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