Paliy Lab
Diggs Laboratory for Life Science Research : Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology : Wright State University

People in the lab

Alex Gordon

BMS PhD Student

Sumudu Rajakaruna

ES PhD Student

Laura Rigsbee

Research Specialist

Previous lab members

Jennifer Cano

BMB Undergraduate Student [2018-2020]

Rebekah Colliver

BMB Undergraduate Student [2018-2019]

Trupthi Mehta

BMB MSc Student [2016-2018]

Denise Kramer

BMS PhD Student [2015-2018]

Ghaith Fallata

M&I MSc Student [2015-2017]

Asna Khan

Undergraduate Student [2016-2017]

Richard Agans

BMS PhD Student [2010-2016]

Vijay Shankar

BMS PhD Student [2010-2016]

Laura Sooy

STREAMS Student [2015-2016]

Jessica Moncivaiz

BMB MSc Student [2012-2015]

Ryan Lockard

GRAD-PREP Trainee [2014-2015]

Harvey Anu

GRAD-PREP Trainee [2013-2014]

Sarah Martin

Undergraduate Student [2013-2014]

Mary Hughes

Undergraduate Student [2012-2014]

Laila Al-Khasawneh

Undergraduate Student [2013]

Melissa Woody

Undergraduate Student [2013]

Pavani Beesetty

P&T MSc Student [2010-2013]

Christina Roth

Undergraduate Student [2012]

Amanda Kilburn

BMB MSc Student [2011-2012]

Rebekah Bogard

Undergraduate Student [2009-2012]

Laura Rigsbee

BMB MSc Student [2008-2011]

Jacqueline Link

Undergraduate Student [2007-2010]

Benjamin Withman

Graduate Student [2005-2010]

Eric Osburn

Undergraduate Student [2008-2009]

Harshavardhan Kenche

BMB MSc Student [2006-2008]

Richard Read

Research Assistant [2006-2007]

John Lynch

BMB MSc Student [2004-2007]

Dr. Svetlana Harbaugh

Postdoctoral Fellow [2006-2007]

Brittany Boyd

Undergraduate Student [2006-2007]

Dr. Thusitha Gunasekera

Postdoctoral Fellow [2005-2006]

Shawn Gargac

Undergraduate Student [2004-2006]

Erin Lester

Research Assistant [2005-2006]

Kruthi Murthy

M&I MSc Student [2004-2006]

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