Paliy Lab
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People in the lab

Richard Agans

BMS PhD Student

Vijay Shankar

BMS PhD Student

Denise Kramer

BMS PhD Student

Alex Gordon

BMS PhD Student

Jessica Moncivaiz

BMB MSc Student

Laura Rigsbee

Research Specialist

Previous lab members

Ryan Lockard

GRAD-PREP Trainee [2014-2015]

Harvey Anu

GRAD-PREP Trainee [2013-2014]

Sarah Martin

Undergraduate Student [2013-2014]

Mary Hughes

Undergraduate Student [2012-2014]

Laila Al-Khasawneh

Undergraduate Student [2013]

Melissa Woody

Undergraduate Student [2013]

Pavani Beesetty

P&T MSc Student [2010-2013]

Christina Roth

Undergraduate Student [2012]

Amanda Kilburn

BMB MSc Student [2011-2012]

Rebekah Bogard

Undergraduate Student [2009-2012]

Laura Rigsbee

BMB MSc Student [2008-2011]

Jacqueline Link

Undergraduate Student [2007-2010]

Benjamin Withman

Graduate Student [2005-2010]

Eric Osburn

Undergraduate Student [2008-2009]

Harshavardhan Kenche

BMB MSc Student [2006-2008]

Richard Read

Research Assistant [2006-2007]

John Lynch

BMB MSc Student [2004-2007]

Dr. Svetlana Harbaugh

Postdoctoral Fellow [2006-2007]

Brittany Boyd

Undergraduate Student [2006-2007]

Dr. Thusitha Gunasekera

Postdoctoral Fellow [2005-2006]

Shawn Gargac

Undergraduate Student [2004-2006]

Erin Lester

Research Assistant [2005-2006]

Kruthi Murthy

M&I MSc Student [2004-2006]

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