Connecting with Faculty

photo of a faculty memberFirst-Year Seminar is Wright State University's hallmark class for welcoming new students into the academy.  Establishing their identity as members of the Wright State community provides context for student connections with faculty, major programs of study, and enrichment opportunities such as study abroad and undergraduate research.

Interested in Teaching?

First-Year Seminars enroll about 65% of entering Direct From High School students into first-year seminars for their first term at Wright State.  More than 20,000 WSU students have participated in first-year seminars since 1999.

F​un Fast Facts

Faculty members interested in First-Year Seminars, see some of the following fun fast facts:

  • Wright State’s First-Year Seminar students earn higher grades than students who do not participate in First-Year Seminars.
  • Each fall, about 65% of incoming freshmen participate in First-Year Seminars at Wright State.
  • Since the year 2000, Wright State has been home to over 600 First-Year Seminars.
  • The annual Mindset List by Beloit College
  • Since 2000, over 13,000 Wright State's students have participated in First-Year Seminars.
  • The four goals of the First-Year Seminar program are to help students: adjust to college, achieve academic success, develop and grow personally, and explore career development.

​Award Winning Faculty

Faculty Excellence in First-Year Seminars

Below is a list of Wright State University faculty who have been recognized for their excellent commitment to First-Year Seminars. They can attest to the positive impact First-Year Seminars have had on interactions with students, student performance, and course evaluations. National research shows benefits such as increased retention and engagement for the students and an increase in academic and interpersonal collaboration for the faculty.

Faculty are invited to contact or call 775-5759 for more information about First-Year Seminars at Wright State University.