DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System)

DARS is an acronym for a program called the Degree Audit Reporting system. DARS helps students and advisors analyze the degree requirements for a student's major based on the catalog year in which the student enrolled at Wright State University. DARS is a useful tool for students to navigate through their degree progress.

IMPORTANT: Always talk to your advisor when you aren't sure about your DARS audit (or transfer course equivalencies)!

How to Run a DARS Report

  1. Go to wings.wright.edu and click on Wings Express
  2. Login to Wings Express using your UID number (ex. U00123456) and your PIN number (six characters or digits you created)
  3. Click the Student and Financial Aid Tab
  4. Under the tab, choose Registration & Records
  5. Click on DARS
  6. Next, click on Submit and Audit. If your major appears in Select Advisor Reviewed, just click Run Audit and follow steps 12-14. If no major appears, follow the directions below.
  7. Click the What If? button
  8. Choose your College of Major and hit select
  9. Choose your Degree and hit select
  10. Click select when it says Current Term
  11. Then, click Run Analysis
  12. Wait one minute and click View Submitted Audits
  13. Choose the most recent DARS report under View Link
  14. You are ready to print your DARS report!

Video Tutorials

Watch Run a DARS

Watch How to Read a DARS

Watch Run a What-If DARS