Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

November 8, 1999 Meeting

Present: Carol Holdcraft, Beth Basista, Richard Mercer, Prabhaker, Mateti, Patricia Renick, Mark Sirkin, Tom Sav, Roy Vice, Jeanne Fraker (University College), Jan Maxwell (Library), Joe Law (WAC), Coleen Finegan (guest), Tim Donofrio (Registrar's Office), Joyce Hail (Registrar's Office), Beth Wirick (student rep.), Emily Acosta (student rep.)

Minutes: Minutes of October 11, 1999 were approved as distributed.

Course Inventory Requests/Course Modification Requests:

COSM: The following were approved: CHM 345, CHM 245

COLA: The following were approved: PLS 473, MUS 195, TH 331. SAC *** was tabled pending clarification.

CECS: The following were approved: ME 458L, CEG 476, CEG 477

New Programs/Program Changes:

COLA: The committee approved the proposed Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Art with Emphasis in Art Education. This program has been reviewed and approved by the Council of Deans and will be forwarded to Faculty Senate for action.

Old Business:

Alternative to X Grade: A proposal on the development of an alternate grade to the "X" for students who, for whatever reason(s), never attend a particular class was received from Undergraduate Petitions Council. Input was received from the Registrar's Office and from members of Undergraduate Petitions Council. After lengthy discussion the committee voted against the recommended proposal. The committee recommends that efforts be increased to encourage students to check their schedule after the quarter begins to be sure they are only registered for the courses they are attending.
Advise and Consideration of Add Policy Recommendation, & Attendance Policy Recommendation: The committee heard input from students and representatives from registrar's office. The following policy recommendations were made:

Registration and Add Policy

Unless courses are otherwise designated in the schedule of classes, students may register for courses, add courses, or make schedule changes through the Registrar's Office during the first seven calendar days of the quarter. For other courses that are so designated in the schedule of classes, students must obtain instructor permission to register once the quarter commences. To be included in this set of courses, the relevant department must notify the registrar for this special designation.

Class assignments, project deadlines, etc., will not be altered if a student registers after the first day of the quarter. It is the student's responsibility to make an arrangement with the faculty regarding missed assignments.

Attendance and Drop Policy

Faculty members establish attendance policies for individual classes. Penalties for non-attendance may vary. In some instances, a student's course grade may be lowered one or more letter grades in association with the number of class absences. An excessive number of absences, as determined by the course fa culty could result in a course grade of "F."

Non-attendance may also result in a student being dropped from a course that is designated in the schedule of classes as "requiring instructor permission to register once the quarter commences." Students who are absent from these designated courses for the first two class meetings for classes that meet more than once a week or from the first class meeting for classes that meet once a week may be dropped from that course by the faculty member. Faculty implementing this drop policy will apply it equally to all students who are absent from a specific class section for these designated meetings and promptly notify the Office of the Registrar of their action.

Faculty adopting these policies will include their course attendance policy and/or the drop policy in the course syllabus. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of a course's attendance and drop policy as of the first class meeting of the quarter.

COLA Math proposal: Interim Mathematics Placement Exam Procedures: The chair will invite Manley Perkel to the next meeting to discuss the math department's response to concerns about math placement.
WAC Report: Joe Law has contacted the following individuals who agree to be on the WAC subcommittee: Joe Cavenaugh (Lake Campus), Joyce Howes (COSM), Leo Finkelstein (CECS), Nicole Macklin (Writing Center), Rich Bullock (Composition Director, English), Richele O'Connor (CEHS), Susan Praeger (CONH), Chris Hall (ESL), Tom Sav (COBA), Tracey Steele (COLA), Angel Hughes (Student Government). Joe will chair that committee. This list will be forwarded to Senate Executive Committee for affirmation.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m. The next meeting will be Monday December 6, 1999 from 3:00 - 4:30 in 158 UH.