Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

October 11, 1999 Meeting

Present: Carol Holdcraft, Richard Mercer, Patricia Renick, Mark Sirkin, Tom Sav, Roy Vice, Jeanne Fraker (University College), Jan Maxwell (Library), Beth Wirick (student rep), Tim Donofrio (Registrar's Office)

Minutes: Minutes of May 19, 1999 were approved as distributed. Members introduced themselves. The schedule of future meetings was approved with a change from January 17 (a university holiday) to January 24. The meeting schedule will be distributed across campus.

Course Inventory Requests/Course Modification Requests:

CEHS: The chair approved over the summer quarter: RHB 228, RHB 229, RHB 230, RHB 101, RHB 102, RHB 103, EDL 301.

CECS: The chair approved over the summer quarter: HFE 195, HFE 300, HFE 301, HFE 302, HFE 306, HFE 307, HFE 431, HFE 450, HFE 451, HFE 451L, HFE 456L, HFE 465, HFE 471, HFE 472, HFE 473, HFE 474, HFE 475, HFE 480, HFE 481, HFE 482, HFE 499.

COSM: The chair approved over the summer quarter: CHM 345, STT 461, STT 462.

Program Changes:

CEHS: BS in Organizational Leadership was approved by Faculty Senate at its last meeting with a "friendly amendment" substitution of MGT 473 & MGT 480 for MGT 422 & MGT 424 per request of management department.
Old Business:
Status of ad hoc committee: Manley Perkel has been appointed chair of Mathematics department. He will be invited to share the progress being made on addressing concerns related to math placement.
New Business:
Alternative to X grade proposal: Undergraduate Petitions Council
The committee received a proposal from Undergraduate Petitions Council to develop a grade or symbol to be assigned to a student who never attends a particular class they are registered for rather than use of the X grade which counts as an F in student GPA. After lengthy discussion, it was decided to collect more information on this issue from: Petitions Council chair, Registrar's Office. The issue will be brought forth for action at the next meeting.
Add Policy Recommendations/ Drop Policy Recommendations: Senate
The committee was asked by Faculty Senate to review and advise on the recommended changes to policies that were passed in spring of 1998, and subsequently reworked by an ad hoc committee appointed by the senate during the last academic year. Following lengthy discussion it was decided to attempt a rewrite of the changed policy for additional clarity to include as part of an attendance policy the faculty's prerogative to drop a student from a course due to nonattendance. The reworded policy will be acted on at the next meeting.
New  Program Proposal: Bachelor's in Fine Arts with Emphasis in Art Education
Members of the committee did not receive this proposal prior to the meeting, therefore it will be reviewed and acted on at the next meeting.
WAC Report: No report. The committee will appoint members to this subcommittee based on input from current members at the next meeting.

The committee adjourned. Next meeting will be Monday, November 8, 1999 from 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. in 158 University Hall.