Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

April 9, 1999 Meeting

Present: Carol Holdcraft, Tim Rafferty, Joe Law, Jan Maxwell, Tom Sav, Joe Slater, Ken Strickland, Roy Vice, Jeanne Fraker, Tim Wood, Andy Wright (student rep)

Minutes: Minutes of February 16, 1999 were approved as distributed.

Course Inventory Requests/Course Modification Requests:

COSM: The chair reported that committee members had voted via e-mail to approve course modifications to MTH 130, MTH 128, MTH 129, MTH 131, MTH 229 after additional information was provided by the Math department.

The committee approved: BIO 194, BIO 466.

CEHS: The committee approved: ATR 262, ATR 361, ATR 461, HPR 261, HPR 284, HPR 384, HPR 484.

COLA: The committee approved: ITA 201, ITA 202, PLS 325, PLS 408, COM 400, FR 321, FR 322, FR 323, FR 454, PLS 367, SOC 420.

CESC: The committee approved: EE 412.

Old Business: 
CLEP Policy: Jeanne Fraker provided information about how the CLEP recommended minimum credit-granting scores were determined. The exams are normed against students actually enrolled in comparable courses. The minimum recommended scores are the mean score of students in the reference group who earned final course grade of C. The committee approved the CLEP Policy proposal to be sent to Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate for inclusion as new business at its next meeting.

Students who score at or above designated minimums on CLEP subject tests will be granted credit applied to degree requirements using the same guidelines as transfer credit. A student may earn up to 30 quarter hours through CLEP. University guidelines dictate the application of CLEP credits to university requirements, including general education and satisfaction of high school deficiencies. College and departmental guidelines determine the application of CLEP credits to college and departmental requirements.

COLA GE math proposal:
Discussion continued surrounding the extent of the concerns across the university about the math placement test and policies. The chair reported on her meeting with the Assistant Provost. The committee decided to invite all interested parties to its next meeting to discuss the concerns and suggest ways to work out an acceptable solution.

WAC Report: Joe Law reported that Guidelines for Independent Writing Assignments for Writing in the Major was approved at the April Senate meeting.

State Transfer Module Subcommittee meeting: Tim Wood asked if a member of UCAPC could substitute for him at the meeting on Friday, May 7 in Columbus. Jeanne Fraker or Carol Holdcraft will attend in Tim's place.

The committee adjourned. The next meeting will be Wednesday May 19 from 2:15 to 4:30 pm in 405 Rike Engineering Center.