Undergraduate Curriculum
Academic Policy Committee

October 13, 1998 Meeting

Present: Carol Holdcraft, Joe Law, Jan Maxwell, Tom Sav, Mateti Prabhaker (substituting for Joe Slater), Roy Vice, Jeanne Fraker, Todd Koehn.

Minutes: Minutes of October 6, 1998 were approved as distributed.

Old Business: Implementation of Drop/Add Policies

The committee reviewed, edited, and approved a report to the Senate Executive Committee.
Old Business: Minor/major Programs
Environmental Health Sciences Minor: The committee reviewed the response provided by Hunt Brown, Institute for Environmental Quality to the questions committee members had about this new minor. The minor was approved.
Old Business: Placement in GE Mathematics Classes
The committee reviewed the proposal from the College of Liberal Arts concerning placement in GE Mathematics Classes as well as an initial response from the Interim Chair, Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The committee will continue to collect information concerning this issue for ongoing deliberation at future meetings.
Course Inventory Requests/Course Modification Requests:
COSM: Approved CHM 319, CHM 412, CHM 451, CHM 457, CHM 458, MTH 343, MTH 344, MTH 345, MTH 348, MTH 446, STT 342, PHY 432, PHY 462, (chair to clarify PHY462 title use of "Introduction to..." with department.)

CESC: Chair approved EGR 199, one time only.

Report of the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee:
Joe Law, WAC Committee Chair and Director of the WAC Program reporting.

The WAC Committee met on October 9, 1998. The committee acted on two policy-related questions having to do with individual student substitutions for WI courses. The committee discussed the length of the term of membership on WAC Committee and recommends to UCAPC that college representatives be asked to serve for two years to provide continuity. In addition, the beginning of the two-year terms should be staggered to preserve continuity. 

The committee finished development of the guidelines for independent writing projects for review by UCAPC at its November meeting. At its next meeting the WAC Committee will investigate the possibility of going to a single grade for WI courses, perhaps in conjunction with the implementation of the revised GE program.

The committee adjourned. Meetings for the remainder of the quarter were scheduled for Tuesdays, Oct. 27, and Nov. 24 at 9:00 am in 032 Rike.